Atlanta Season 3 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?


David Mudd

It took a long time but filming for Atlanta Season 3 of Donald Glover’s critically acclaimed. The FX series Atlanta is now complete, and fans will finally see Earn (Donald Glover). Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) and Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) continue some time in the future [Ed. Note: Early 2022, currently] on March 24, 2022. The question is: where do they intend to go? On a literal level, they’re leaving the country. On a conceptual level, it’s anyone’s guess beyond a few fundamentals.

The core premise learns that his cousin Alfred is the blossoming rapper Paper Boi. And sets out to manage his career) is established. But it’s laced with humorously unexpected twists. Such that absolutely nothing about a future episode is telegraphed by the one before it. When three years’ worth of pop cultural events are thrown into the mix.

atlanta season 3

Atlanta is now in its second season. It has combined unique comedy with drama and surrealism to become. One of the most inventive and maybe the most unpredictable shows on television. The upcoming season of Atlanta might be anything. Glover has been mum on the next season. So we’ll have to wait and see how things pan out. But here’s what we know so far about Atlanta Season 3 and what you can probably expect.

Atlanta Season 3 Picks Off Where Atlanta Season 2 Left Off

Earn, Alfred, and Van (Zazie Beetz) was at a fork in the road at the end of Atlanta Robbin’ Season. Van, who had become disillusioned. With Earn’s lack of commitment and overall unsteady lifestyle. It had just informed him that she and their daughter. Lottie intends to relocate to her mother’s house. Alfred, for one, was becoming a touch bored of Earn and had been considering leaving him as his boss.

Earn, Alfred, and Darius was getting ready to get to Europe. For a tour with Clark County (RJ Walker), a cheesy but lowkey-ruthless rapper Alfred had just signed on to open for. Earn discovers he’s neglected to take the Alligator Man’s gold-plated weapon. From his backpack as they reach the airport and go through TSA. So he puts the gun in Clark County’s luggage so he’ll be in trouble instead.

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Earn, Alfred, and Darius then board the plane. Where Alfred informs Earn that he saw him take the gun and commends him for his decision. Earn’s occasional clumsiness was on display here. But the way he handled the situation demonstrated a ruthlessness and loyalty that Alfred admires. According to Alfred, they’re all they’ve got in a dog-eat-dog industry. TLDR; Earn’s alliance with Alfred appears to be safe at the end of Season 2. But, as is so often the case, everything else in his life isn’t.

Atlanta Season 3: What Donald Glover and FX Have Said

The third season of Atlanta was supposed to premiere in January 2021. But the COVID-19 epidemic apparently made that impossible, forcing production delays. Glover and the team were able to create the script for Atlanta Season 3 and 4 during the epidemic. All according to FX Networks chief John Landgraf, so they’re currently filming them back to back. Atlanta Season 3‘s ten episodes were shot in Europe, and Season 4 will reportedly have eight episodes. At the same time, Glover hasn’t revealed many specifics about Atlanta Season 3. He has commented on its quality on a few occasions. He seemed to be comfortable with what he’s written thus far.

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Last November, Glover tweeted. “While I’m here: ‘Atlanta’ s3+s4 are going to be some of the best television ever created”. “Only the Sopranos are capable of affecting us”. He likened Atlanta to Kanye West and predicted Atlanta Season 3 would be like Yeezy’s Graduation. At an Emmys panel three years ago. He commented at the time, “I guess I align the seasons like Kanye records”. “It’s almost like we’re graduating”. This is undoubtedly our most approachable, as well as the most real. An honest interpretation of it—and, like the third album, I believe the most pleasurable.”

What Does the Future Hold for Atlanta Season 3?

While we wait for further information on Atlanta Season 3. We’ve gathered some suggestions for what we could see in the third season. It is based on remarks from the show’s creators. As well as some theories based on how the previous two seasons played out. Here’s a quick rundown of our views on what Atlanta Season 3 may include.

Earn, and Van Are Still Battling It Out

Earn, and Van are still going to co-parent despite the fact. That they were effectively split up at the end of Season 2. Given Earn’s recent trip to Europe and Van’s move into her mother’s house with Lottie. This is going to be quite challenging at first. The season’s focus should be on how they handle the challenges. These challenges are of partially long-distance fatherhood and potentially healing their relationship.

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More Articles About Vans of Atlanta Season 3

Stephen Glover, Donald’s brother, claims that the upcoming season. It would focus on “a very distinct perspective from the Atlanta woman.” With Van being the show’s lone female star and at least a portion of the tale occurring in Europe. It wouldn’t be shocking to see more Van-centric escapades on screen in the next Atlanta episodes.

Beef Cooked in Clark County

Given Earn’s attempt to clog Clark County in order to preserve himself. And the fact that Clark has been exposed to be merciless? It’s difficult not to see some tension between the three.

Adventures in London

Stanfield said they were filming in the Stoke Newington neighborhood of London. In response to someone who observed the actors of Atlanta filming outside his house. Atlanta is known for going in a variety of directions. So it wouldn’t be unusual to see them embark on a London-themed adventure.

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Or have their new surroundings affect them in unexpected ways.

Rappers From the United Kingdom Will Make Appearances

Given that at least part of Atlanta Season 3 is being shot in London. It wouldn’t be surprising if Skepta or Stormzy made an appearance. The rising popularity of UK drill has also opened the way for other local musicians to join in.

Covid-19 Citations

Although Atlanta Season 3 was most likely written before COVID-19 was even a thing. It’s hard to believe there won’t be a scene with Darius positing an anti-vaxxing conspiracy theory. Or someone was telling Earn to keep his mask on. Or even a COVID-19-esque pandemic used to comment on the state of the world today.


TikTok (and Triller) have grown in importance in the music industry since Season 2 ended. It ended with TikTok helping to resurrect or sustain the careers of innumerable rappers. After seeing Clark County’s success, Earn and Alfred will understand. That they need to do whatever it takes to get noticed. These days may involve recording a TikTok song. If Alfred doesn’t flinch when he sees his music in a new TikTok challenge. It’s a wasted chance for everyone.

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There Are Several Pop-culture Allusions

Suppose you’ve watched Atlanta up to this point. You know the writers are good at addressing pop culture in some way. So whether it’s Only Fans, NFTs, or scandals like Will and Jada’s “entanglement” conversation. Or the woman who used Gorilla Glue on her hair, you can probably expect to see it in some form.

Final Thoughts

Donald Glover broke his Twitter quiet again. This time to give the latest trailer for Atlanta Season 3. He is further playing into the eerie season aesthetics of Halloween. The trailer looks like something out of a new Jordan Peele film. With glimpses of numerous distinct settings. Some of which appear to be in Europe, confirming FX Networks head John Landgraf’s. He claims about where the program was shot. From these gloomy visuals, the camera cuts to a view of Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles. He was seated in front of a coffin, with two sinister-looking men facing the wall behind him.

Glover and FX have remained tight-lipped regarding the premiere date of the upcoming season of Atlanta. It came with the teaser merely saying “2022” at the conclusion. Glover then went on to say how happy he is for Atlanta Season 3. And how weary he is of people comparing his show to FX’s other famous comedy Dave, which stars fellow artist/actor Lil Dicky.