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The Real Reason Behind The Divorce Of Ashton Meem And Russell Wilson

Relationships are beautiful if you have the right person behind you, the power of love stands alone from the world and it is needed by every couple to encourage and flourish their relationship. However, the generation after already believes in hookups and is not ready for serious commitments. Even if that happens, they end up leaving each other. 

Russell Wilson and Ciara are relationship goals for their fans. Their love seems perfect but things were different back when they didn't find each other. If you are a fan of Russell Wilson then you must know how his relationship and marriage have changed over the years. 

And before meeting Ciara, he was in a serious relationship with Ashton Meem. Though there is limited information about the couple, we manage to get everything out for you. In this article, we’ll be sharing everything about these two. Keep yourself engaged with the article and read everything till the end. 

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Ashton Meem

Ashton Meem

Ashton Meem was Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s ex-wife who has been dating for the longest time. The couple met in high school and have been dating each other since then. It seems like a perfect relationship when the high school love birds get married and find their love in each other. Although their relationship gets stronger over time, these two have managed to keep things very private.

In 2012, the couple finally said yes and got married. At that time, the news reported that Russell Wilson had proposed to her girlfriend romantically and most surprisingly. Everyone was talking about the proposal and the news was trying to cover everything possible. 

The fans were already excited about their marriage and soon the photos were viral on the internet. At that time, it was a really hot topic and everyone was simply their story online. The couple gets a lot of limelight from the people but unfortunately, their relationship seems to end in 2 years. 

It was a literal shock for her fans and they were confused about how the two, who were high school love birds, dating each other for the longest time have divorced in the end. There was a lot of confusion inside the heads of the people and they wanted to know everything about it. In the next section, we have covered everything about these two and why they broke up after spending two years together. 

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Why Ashton And Russell Got Divorced?

The couple said Yes in 2012 and after spending beautiful years together, they knew that they had to take a step ahead. Meem and Wilson have met in high school and while discussing it, Meem tools in an interview, We met briefly in high school,” 

Both Men and Wilson have already got a beautiful marriage and set their relationship to the next step. Everyone was happy and the couple finally got happily married in 2012. After two years of their togetherness, the couple finally announced the divorce which makes the fans anxious, Referring to the situation, Wilson said, 

“I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. Decisions like these don’t come easy. Ashton and I respectfully ask for prayers, understanding, and privacy during this difficult time. Moving forward, I will have no further comment on this personal matter.”

They never made public the reason behind the divorce. Fans kept assuming that what leads to their happy marriage ends. They never confirmed anything and their marriage failed in the end. But within that time, there emerged many rumors that made people speculate more about their bond and the reason behind their divorce.

Did Meem And Golden Tate Be in Relationship?

Meem And Golden Tate

After the couple broke their marriage, many people speculated that Meem cheated on Wilson because she was having an affair with Golden Tate. 

Calling out this, many people believe that this might be the potential reason behind the couple’s break up. Another news report is that Seahawk, Percy Harvin, is reported to have fought where he allegedly punched Tate in the Super Bowl. The incident happens shortly after their breakup.

The rumor surfaced on the internet and once it was taught to the people, they finally took the stand. 

In an official statement, Golden came out in his defense and said, “I did not have an affair with Russell Wilson’s wife, nor did I have anything to do with his divorce. That is laughable for anyone who knows us. His ex-wife, Ashton, is still best friends with my girlfriend. Russell and I were good friends when I was in Seattle, on and off the field — he knew the rumors about me were unfounded, damaging to my reputation, and an attack on my character. Anyone who circulated that rumor was just plain irresponsible.”

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Russell Wilson Current Relationship

Russell wilson and Ciara

At this time, Russell Wilson is happily married to R&b singer Ciara and they two seemed to have a great bond with each other. Wilson broke his marriage in 2014 and met Ciara accidentally. ‘

They two seemed to get each other quite nicely and they finally said yes in 2016. Russell Wilson and Ciara married in 2016 and now they have two children. 

Before meeting Russell, Ciara was already married to Future, his ex-Finance. His son, future Jr. is already living with them and he spoke in an interview regarding him. She said, “It’s going pretty good. We’re hanging in there. I’m not gonna lie. I’m human, so it is not easy,” 

They met in 2016 and within a month, they got engaged “Especially when I look at him and I think he is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen — that I’ve ever laid my eyes on, to be honest. I’m like, ‘Look the other way! Look the other way!’”

Wilson wrote a long and emotional paragraph for her wife and quoted, “I will forever win bc I get to come home to you every night,” He uploaded the picture on Instagram and said,  “The love of my life. I love you. This past year has been full of so much joy & happiness. From getting Married to having our little one on the way, to your constant endless love. I couldn't be more grateful to have you in my life, Mrs. Wilson. You make every day a perfect day. #ForeverGrateful.”

The couple is happily married and shared a great relationship. Tell us in the comment section if you need more such articles. Continue reading more articles from our website Trending News Buzz and get all the latest updates about the entertainment world.

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