Ashtarte Chapter 75 Release Date, Reddit Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap and Where to Read?


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Manhwa fever is taking over the world. No wonder, why manhwa is getting popular day by day, with each manhwa being translated as well as promoting its interesting content all over the world. It has not only made it wanted but also helped in earn strong fan base in south korea as well as internationally.

Let’s dive into Ashtarte, a South Korean gem that’s capturing international hearts. Interested in Ashtarte Chapter 75? You’re in the perfect spot. This article has all the details you need – from the release date to Reddit spoilers and more. Stay tuned for the latest updates! 

Ashtarte Chapter 75 Release Date

The wait is finally over as we have the official release date for the upcoming chapter of Ashtarte. Ashtarte is a popular manhwa series and we would like to inform you that the upcoming chapter is all set to be released. Ashtarte Chapter 75 will be released this week, on Jan 12, 2024.

Get your seat reserved for the much awaited excitement that this manhwa series is bringing up for you in the form of new chapter. Are excited? Also read about the release date of many more new chapters of latest manga series that are almost out and readers are going crazy for like Netkama Punch Chapter 43 Release DateObsidian Bride Chapter 21 Release Date, and The Constellations are My Disciples Chapter 47 Release Date

Ashtarte Chapter 75 Release Time

Here’s international schedule for Ashtarte Chapter 75 as per different region:

  • Pacific Time (PST): at 08:00 AM
  • Eastern European Time (EEST): at 06:00 PM
  • Philippines Standard Time (PHT): at 11:00 PM
  • Singapore Standard Time (SST): at 11:00 PM
  • Korean Standard Time (KST): 12:00 PM
  • China Standard Time (CST): at 10:00 AM
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): at 08:30 PM
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST): at 07.00 AM
  • Central European Time (CEST): at 05:00 PM
  • New York: at 11:00 AM

Ashtarte Chapter 75 Release Date

Ashtarte Chapter 75 Raw Scans

The raw scans for Ashtarte Chapter 75 is not out yet but we can expect the raw scans of the new chapter to be released on 10th Jan, 2024. Do not get disappointed and let’s wait for it to be out as soon as possible as just like you, we too can’t wait to know what will happen next in the manhwa series.

Ashtarte Chapter 74 Recap

Want to know what has happened in the previous chapter of Ahtarte? Here you go for the recap. After Ryllie’s passing, Ashtarte felt compelled to offer her condolences to the bereaved family and friends. She believed that could have shared much more. As a source of joy, Rion entered the premises through the back entrance after a while. He reassured Ashtarte that she had nothing to worry about, regardless of the circumstances.

Following Rion’s guidance, Ashtarte and the palace residents successfully escaped through a hidden pathway, thanks to the information he provided. For more events to be found out in the previous chapters, let’s have a look on the recap like Ashtarte Chapter 72, and Ashtarte Chapter 73

Ashtarte Chapter 75 Reddit Spoilers

No Chapter spoilers for Ashtarte Chapter 75 are available at this point of time. We suggest you to expect it to be out a few days before its actual release date. Based on previous chapter, we may expect the storyline to continue from where it had left off in the previous chapter. Do you have any special question?

Where to Read Ashtarte Chapter 75?

If you are looking for a platform to read Ashtarte Chapter 75, you are on the right page. Ashtarte Chapter 75 will be available to read on While Line in korean language. Read on its official app for English translation.

There are many online resources where you can catchup this new chapter but, we suggest our readers to read the upcoming chapters of manhwa series from official website to give the credits to original creators.

Is Ashtarte Worth Reading?

Do you have doubts like whether or not Ashtarte is worth read? Keep reading for honest opinion. Ashtarte tells an interesting story of childhood and a strong desire for family acceptance. This tragic love tale unfolds in a fantasy world, showcasing a resilient female lead. If you’re into webcomics with a powerful protagonist facing challenges, Ashtarte is a fantastic starting point.


Ashtarte is a popular manhwa. Ashtarte Chapter 75 will be released on Jan.12, 2023. Ashtarte Chapter 75 will be available to read on While Line in Korean language and its official app for English translation. It’s worth reading.

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