As Per Expert Advice, the Simple Act of Petting a Dog, Even Briefly, Can Reduce Stress and Augment Happiness.



The real hustle and bustle in this fast-paced and stressful world, Petting a dog is the ultimate antidote to stress and a source of happiness. In this generation, the petting of dogs and any other animal is like a trend everyone keeps following. The benefits of this heartwarming interaction extend far to your imagination.

This provides so much emotional comfort to any individual. There was research conducted by some experts on the basis that Petting a dog, even briefly, can reduce stress and increase happiness. In this exploration, I have delved into the science behind petting a dog. Let’s dive into the advice of experts.

The Determinations of the Study

Petting a Dog

Nancy Gee, a psychology professor and director of the Center for Human-Animal Interaction at Virginia Commonwealth University, told NPR that

Interactions with dogs, whether it be your own or someone else’s, can actually boost your health. She proclaims that “I think it is safe to say that animals are beneficial to our mental and physical health,”

Nancy Gee pointed out that evidence found in studies suggests that if you spend just five minutes to twenty minutes with with a four-legged friend can reduce the stress hormones in you which is why it can be a source of happiness. Not only this but we can also see the release of oxytocin hormone which is a good type of bonding hormone that develops the feeling of love. Before reading further details, read Yelling at Children May Be as Equally as Sexual or Physical Abuse!

Nancy Gee highlighted this by stating that

“Pets are not a panacea,”. “They’re not necessarily going to be great for every single person. But for people who really get it, who really connect with the animals, they really can make a big difference.”

Petting a Dog

Basically, It has been found that therapy dogs used in research are now screened for different traits such as friendliness, good behavior, and responsiveness. Not only this but Nancy Gee also collaborated on a study that stated that short amounts of playtime with pups benefited the cognitive processes in 8- and 9-year-old children in the UK.

Dogs can be the source through which students’ stress level is reduced and improves their focus. She shared “We actually saw [those effects] one month later. And there’s some evidence that [they] may exist six months later,”


To sum up each and every insight as well as intricacies associated with this above-mentioned exploration so far, the impact of petting a dog even only for a few minutes can be a game changer for you in the view of the fact that it provides numerous benefits but the responsible pet ownership is crucial.

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