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Arun Nayar Net Worth: An Indian Textile Heir’s Fortune! 



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Who Is Arun Nayar And What Is His Net Worth?

Arun Nayar is a businessman and entrepreneur who works all over the world. He started the tech company Direction Software Solutions. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Oxford University and a Master of Science in Physics from Imperial College. Also, he is thought to be worth around $200 million and is fluent in four languages.

The CEO of a technology company stays in the public eye because he hangs out with celebrities. He was previously married to actress Liz Hurley, Italian model Valentina Pedroni, and model and personal trainer Kim Johnson.

Education And Childhood

In true “International Man of Mystery” style, Arun was not born into the aristocracy of Mumbai, as most people think. Instead, he spent his early years on a council estate in Leeds. Arun’s mother, Gunnar, was born in Germany, and his father, Vinod, was an Indian student at the local university. Arun was born in December 1964, and his family moved to India soon after the birth of his younger brother, Nikhil.

After his parents broke up, he and his brother lived with their mother, who started a very successful textiles business in Mumbai that did very well in the 1970s. Gunnar was able to send her children to the prestigious Cathedral and John Connon School thanks to the family’s newfound wealth. There, young Arun was always pulling pranks on his classmates.

arun nayar net worth

The 16-year-old Arun got into trouble in Mumbai, so he was sent back to England to go to the prestigious Millfield boarding school. Arun’s strict education and focus on sports, at which he did well, put the teen on the right path, and his natural intelligence helped him get into Oxford to study physics. Arun went on to get a Master’s degree in physics at Imperial College in London. He is fluent in English, Hindi, German, and Italian. He then went back to India to work in the family textiles business.

Early Career

The young, good-looking businessman had a great time working in Mumbai when he was young. He became a regular on the glamorous social scene of the city and got a reputation as a “jet-setter” by taking vacations in Saint Tropez and Saint Moritz and buying homes in France, Germany, and London.

Marriage To Valentina Pedroni

In 1991, Arun met Valentina Pedroni, an Italian model, in St. Moritz. He married her in 1997. “Arun was beautiful and charming,” she said later. “He knows how to talk to and be nice to women. I couldn’t stay away from him, so I fell in love with him right away.” The couple seemed to have a perfect relationship and lived a glamorous life among Mumbai’s glitterati. However, they started to live more and more separate lives as Valentina spent time abroad and Arun spent a lot of time on his computer business, Direction Software Solutions.

They broke up in 2002, and soon after, Arun met Elizabeth Hurley and fell in love with her. This put him in the spotlight.

arun nayar net worth

Marriage To Elizabeth Hurley

Alessandro Tome, a London-based financier, brought Arun and Elizabeth together over dinner. They were first seen in public in January 2003 at a Christian Dior fashion show in Paris.

Even though the divorce was hard and took a long time, Arun was finally able to remarry in November 2005, and he and Elizabeth started making plans for their big wedding. The couple got married twice, once in England and once in India. Both times were very expensive.

The two of them split their time between London and a country house in the Cotswolds, where Elizabeth’s son Damian from a previous relationship lived. There, Arun said that he liked living in the country. “While Elizabeth cooks, I’ll take Damian out on the tractor,” he said. “It reminds me a little of the Waltons.”

arun nayar net worth

It was written in a tabloid newspaper in December 2010 that Arun was “devastated” by the end of his marriage. Many people said that the couple was going to split up, but the respectable businessman wouldn’t say anything about the rumours.

Getting Married To Kim Johnson

The next year, Arun met model and personal trainer Kim Johnson at a September jewellery launch. Their relationship moved quickly, and they got married in less than a year. The happy couple had a wedding with lots of famous people on the French Riviera on July 29. They got married the next day.

The couple got a divorce less than a year after they got married, which was sad for Arun. In August 2017, modelling agent Christophe Chalvet told the Daily Mail that the sad news was true. “Three months ago, they broke up. It makes me sad. Kim had always wanted to marry Arun.”

Even though it is just a rumour, it is said that Arun’s past relationship with Elizabeth Hurley cast a shadow over his marriage with Kim. In March 2019, they were seen having dinner together at Annabel’s in London. This led to rumours that the famous duo might get back together someday.

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