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Arrow: Which Character Did Grant Gustin Originally Audition For?


David Mudd

Grant Gustin was auditioned for the role of Roy Harper in Arrow before being cast as Barry Allen on The Fash. Then the role of Roy Harper was done by Colton Haynes. At that time, he was a star among people because of his role in Teen Wolf from MTV. That change made Gustin free for other roles in Arrowverse.

Fans were not sure about his casting as Barry first. They thought he would be more apt for the younger versions of Flash. Younger roles of Flash include Wally West or Bart Allen. He couldn’t give that look which is older and experienced one. So, significantly he was changed for the show. At last, he considered as the perfect version of Barry Allen for the Arrowverse.


Grant Gustin auditioned for Roy Harper in Arrow

One of the many people who auditioned for the role of Roy Harper was Grant Gustin. But he finally landed on a much better deal. Roy Harper became a regular face in Arrow season 1 and there it comes. Gustin got cast as much prominent role of Flash in the Arrowverse. Everything started to light up after this move. The success credit mostly relied on The Flash in which Grant Gustin did the lead role.

His energy and enthusiasm made the tone of Arrowverse much brighter. Barry’s tendency to make bad decisions in the story but it got well managed by Gustin’s charming screen presence. Now after everything, the role of Flash just ends up every time on Gustin in everyone’s mind. If he got selected to play Roy. The picture of Flash would be entirely different.

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