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Arrow: 5 Reasons Why Oliver Didn’t Believe Batman Was Real


David Mudd

Arrow: Why Oliver Queen Didn’t Believe Batman Was Real

Let us walk through a subtly small character study Arrow.

Oliver Queen Himself

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Initially a ladies’ man, Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, the fictional superhero in DC comics, is worth watching.

A resident of Star City, being particularly popular over there, he is the owner of Queen Industries and pretty posh!

Sometimes perpetually dressing up as Robinhood, he is a master of archery and makes use of this power to fight hideous crimes in his city.



Being a renowned personality in Star City, there’s little to no doubt, that his disbelief for Batman comes from envy.

Batman Himself

The character of ‘Batman’ is born out of the anger that Bruce Wayne possessed.

This was regarding every criminal out there, after he had experienced the death of his parents at the hands of a thug, one night.

He was a young child back then and this instilled in him, a whole lot of vengeance.

Since his parents were wealthy socialities, he inherited their property.

Not only this, Bruce took intense mental and physical training too, in order to accomplish his goal.

This led him to decide that mere practices aren’t enough.

To frighten the criminals out of their wits, he needs to befriend the dark, the horrible.

Right then, he noticed a bat fly outside his window.

Taking this insight, he avenged on his journey. Journey as the ‘Batman’!


Now Why Does Oliver Queen Not Believe In The Batman

Both of the characters are from the world of Detective Comics. They both fight criminals and assailants.

They both are actively involved and aspired to cleanse their city from every crime there is!

One is the saviour of Star City, the other, of Gotham.

Since he was appointed as the city’s law body altogether without legal authority, he believes himself to be of utmost importance.

In the series ‘Arrow’, we see him denying the existence of Batman.

He goes on saying that he was only an urban legend fabricated by the police in Gotham City to scare away the criminals.

We can understand the psychology of Green Arrow here.


He primarily doesn’t want to be taken away from the self-proclaimed title of being the ‘first guardian of the people’ there ever was.