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Arizona: All Reopening Plans Delayed Due To The Surge In Coronavirus Cases

Schools and colleges were all set to reopen amid coronavirus pandemic in Arizona. But all those plans are now changed to more, not promising decisions. Besides, the plans for reopenings were already questioned. However, now there are no questions and debates on that topic anymore. The government delayed all the reopenings of public facilities including educational institutions.

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Health department confirms first case of coronavirus in Arizona

After all, an order also implemented to close all those businesses which need social engagement. These businesses include bars, gyms, movie theaters, and water parks. The order and delay in the reopening happened after the surge in the COVID-19 cases in Arizona. Moreover, the state experienced a record number of infections and hospitalizations. Above all, a hospital bed shortage is also becoming a headache for the authorities in LA County.

Arizona coronavirus cases at 5 total, 2 new patients from Pinal County

With all the current situation going on, all the citizens are urged to stay in their homes. And to avoid all unnecessary trips. The worldwide meter of coronavirus cases is at over 10,264,000. In that amount of infected people, 2.6 million are from the United States. Besides, the death toll is at least 124,000. And the graph of demises is going upwards. The global death rate because of the pandemic is now at 505,000.

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