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Aries Animal: Meet The Aries Spirit Animals And Their Meanings

In this article, we will discuss the Aries spirit animal and its meaning. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

Spiritual animals represent passion. Astrologers use zodiac sign traits. This article describes your zodiac animal(s). Discuss Chinese, Celtic, and Native American zodiacs.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius rule fire. Mars rules the sign. Zodiac animal Aries. Let’s investigate the Aries spirit animal guide based on western astrology and how it relates to Aries people.

Aries and The Ram

Aries birthdays are March 21 to April 19.

The Ram is the sign of the zodiac for Aries, which is a fire sign ruled by Mars, the war planet. People born under the sign of the Ram are said to have a sense of adventure, joy, passion, and a childlike sense of wonder!

Let’s take a look at the good and bad things about the Aries Ram to get a better idea of this very flexible sign.

Features That Are A Plus For The Ram

Leadership IQ

Like the Ram, Aries are fiery, clever, natural-born leaders. They’re creative, resourceful, and kind. Follow Aries’ lead and heed the Ram’s guidance in a shift. The Ram will support folks in difficult situations and educate them how to navigate various challenges.


First-born Aries is all-new. Change agents are leaders, frontrunners, pioneers, inventors, innovators, and fierce opponents and warriors. The Aries Ram keeps going when things get rough. Their inner strength helps them face life’s challenges. They wear their scars proudly and share their story to help others. Aries Rams want adventure. They want to feel it, not just hear about it.


Their adherence to honesty and the truth sets them different from their colleagues. They prefer surroundings that support creativity, flexibility, and control. Unleash the Ram!

Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin, Emma Watson, Robert Downey Jr., Reese Witherspoon are Aries.

aries animal

Things That Are Bad About Ram


Ram’s energy is unstable. Aries When questioned, rams may grow irritated or belligerent. Aries is irritable. When Aries is off, everyone suffers. Turning away saves energy. Unchecked, this can lead to narcissism, making Aries neglect others’ perspectives. Others don’t know how to “fix” it. Aries is vulnerable when honest and compassionate. Aries hates liars and bullies.


Aries Rams hate repetition and lack patience, thus they leave difficult circumstances quickly. They crave life experience, causing issues. Independent but insecure, they want approval. Aries Rams will retreat without validation. Aries seem independent yet need compassion and patience.


Aries are often egotistical. Others may think they’re narrow-minded, yet they’re uncertain and misunderstood. Aries’ communication problems may produce stress and confusion. If they can deal with the circumstance, they can progress and move forward with confidence.

Why A Ram For Aries?

Ram (Aries) is Latin. Different cultures interpreted the constellation Aries as a ram in ancient Greece and Egypt. According to Greek Mythology, Zeus, the gods’ deity, was sacrificed a golden ram.

Popular beliefs and traditions suggest additional spirit animals for Aries.

Some cultures and traditions date back to humankind. Many religions, especially astrological ones, have spirit animals. Other popular astrological systems include Chinese, Celtic, and Native American.

The Chinese Astrology

The Chinese Zodiac determines a person’s spirit animal, not the season. Many websites tell you what animal reflects your birth year. Your “Chinese Zodiac Twin” is the Chinese animal that corresponds to your Western Zodiac sign. Aries has the Dragon!

aries animal

Dragon is Aries’ Chinese Zodiac twin.

The Chinese Emperor uses dragons to symbolize his imperial supremacy because they guard wealth and power. The Chinese Dragon symbolically controls all water. Rain, hurricanes, floods, oceans, etc. Dragon’s courage, confidence, and capacity are legendary. This zodiac sign’s Chinese horoscope predicts adventure. Ram, yes?

Modern dragons? Yes! Komodo dragons remain. Despite not breathing fire, they’re powerful reptiles. Komodo dragons are the world’s largest lizards, with over 3,000 kinds.

The Celtic Astrology

Celtic Zodiac features 12 Animal Symbols, like Western, Chinese, and Native American. Western astrology has different monthly intervals. Animal symbolism is influenced by culture and nature.

aries animal

Fox is Aries’ Celtic Zodiac twin (March 18 – April 14)

If your birthday falls between these dates, your Celtic spirit animal is the Fox. Celts regard the fox as clever and seductive. Fox constantly wants a new, interesting story. Fox isn’t afraid to pursue their goals. They’re also loyal and brave.

aries animal

Bull is Aries’ Celtic Zodiac twin (April 15 – May 12)

If your birthday falls between these dates, your Celtic spirit animal is the Bull. Bull is steady and strong like the sun. Like the Round Table Knights, they’re always ready to guard and fight. A bull can see through you and tell you what you need.

The Native American Astrology

Native American values and beliefs often involve animals. Their legends often involve animals. Native American Zodiac is animal-based like Chinese, Celtic, and Western traditions. Native American and Western astrology have the same sign dates, but different spirit animals. Below, identify your Aries spirit animal.

aries animal

Northern Hemisphere Native American Birth Animal Twin: Falcon/Red Hawk

Aries’ spirit animal is the Falcon. Native American Astrology seeks insight from the falcon. Falcons have good judgement, quickness, and persistence. The falcon thrives in respectful, collaborative environments. They’re also passionate lovers.

Falcons value self-awareness and sincerity. Without it, Falcons can’t lead. The awakened Falcon’s wings are wisdom. Falcon gets agitated when individuals don’t appreciate their vision.

Final Thoughts

Ram, dragon, fox, bull, and falcon are Aries zodiac sign spirit animals.

Several people have more than one spirit animal, thus there are many ways to find it. You aren’t limited by tradition and can utilize your intuition to find your spirit animal. Have you have animal dreams? Do you have a favorite animal? Your spirit animal may do this.

These are founded on diverse belief systems and don’t define who you are. Choose an animal you have a strong emotional connection to. Having a spirit animal is a great way to feel connected to the land.

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