Ariana Grande Wishes to Have a Successful Festive Season



Being a well-known figure in the upper echelons of the Billboard charts, Ariana Grande is currently aiming for yet another significant victory. With the goal of turning one of her hit songs into a certified smash, the singer is preparing to dominate the weekly standings during the Christmas season.

Grande has stepped up her game as Christmas draws near, hoping to land one of the biggest chart successes of the year. The artist has released a new version of her song “Santa Tell Me,” which can be purchased in both its original version and the newly released “Naughty Version.” Ariana Grande Posts Images From Her Studio’s Hinting to a Secret Project

She has subtly included the “Naughty Version” of “Santa Tell Me” to her Christmas EP, Christmas & Chill, which was first published almost ten years ago. Every year, the short set gains millions of streams and makes a comeback to popularity, topping the Billboard charts, especially for its biggest hit. According to Reports, Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Live Together “Full-time” in New York City

Billboard creates a single charting entity out of all the variants of a single title. As a result, sharing multiple takes of a song can be advantageous for both the music and the person who created it. The combined consumption of the new and original “Santa Tell Me” will increase the song’s potential to chart higher on multiple lists, including the Hot 100.

Ariana Grande Wishes to Have a Successful Festive Season

“Santa Tell Me” has previously peaked on the Hot 100 at number twelve. There’s a chance it will climb even higher this season because a new version has been launched and Grande’s followers are probably rushing to purchase and stream the edited version. As December goes on, holiday hits quickly overtake other songs on the main singles chart, making it difficult for anything that isn’t a best-selling Christmas classic to rank near the top of the list.

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Grande aspires to compete against artists like as Brenda Lee and Mariah Carey, whose Christmas hits have dominated the Hot 100. It remains to be seen if Grande can even somewhat match them—along with hundreds of other well-known standards—and reach a new high with the catchy song. However, 2023 offers Grande the best opportunity in a long time to soar higher than ever with her song “Santa Tell Me,” and all because of a dirty remix.