Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Were Spotted Twice Over the Weekend in New York City!



Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are gaining confidence in their decision to host public date evenings as the holiday season progresses. Slater and Grande visited Gutenberg. Sunday marked the premiere of The Musical, in which co-star Josh Gad and star Andrew Rannells shared a photo of Slater and Grande backstage with Rannells. According to Reports, Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Live Together “Full-time” in New York City

“We had a tremendous time yesterday in Schlimmer!” Rannells composed. “Ethan Slater AND Michael Urie of Spamalot!” Two exceptional gentlemen to share aspirations with over dinner. Further, Ariana Grande! Sunday appeared to be ideal. Visit the Spamalot. 🧡🧡🧡”


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Grande displayed a photograph of her inscribed program on her Instagram Story. “Had the best time!” she wrote. Ariana Grande Red Carpet: Showing That She Is The Style Icon Of Our Generation.

Additionally, Grande was spotted attending a performance of Slater’s Spamalot on Saturday evening. After the performance, paparazzi caught Grande and Slater exiting the theater together. White heels accompanied a black puffer parka worn by Grande. Her ponytailed blonde hair to an extreme degree. Additionally, footage of her observing the performance in the theater earlier surfaced.

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Were Spotted Twice Over the Weekend in New York City!

On October 13, Entertainment Tonight was informed by a source regarding the dynamic between Grande and Slater. While Slater is currently divorcing his erstwhile wife Lilly Jay, Grande’s separation from Dalton Gomez was consummated one month ago. Slater and Grande were co-stars on Wicked and close companions prior to their subsequent romantic involvement.

Despite their divorces, Slater and Grande are “on the same page [and] still very enthusiastic about their relationship,” according to the source. “Ariana finds Ethan’s artistic prowess astounding; she appreciates their ability to connect and the fact that he presents her with artistic challenges.” Ethan and she both desire the best for Ariana and for their relationship. They elevate and support one another.”

The source added that Slater is “dedicated to strengthening his bond with Ariana and her family” and is “actively involved in the upbringing” of his son with Jay. “Ariana’s family is naturally protective of her, but they will continue to support their relationship so long as she is content and treated with respect.”