Argumentative Essay: Avoiding the Pitfalls


Mohit Kamboj

Do you want to know what not to do in an argumentative essay? If the answer is yes then you are on the right page. Below we will share some of the facts and points that only the best professors (not all) know and have been using as well. The goal is to write an argumentative essay that will give you the best grade.

Using Hard To Read Sentences

Let’s assume you know what is argumentative essay and you can write a decent one. Now let’s assume that you want to sound academic. You will end up with sentences that are hard to read and come with no value to the content. A common mistake.

Use only simple and straightforward sentences. Take a look at abortion argumentative essays by GradesFixer and you will see that all of these have simple sentences. These free writing samples can help you write better papers and avoid this mistake.

Students need to use all the help when it comes to argumentative writing due to the overall complexity and the nature of these papers. Using samples is one of the best ways to learn how to write and how to avoid common and rare pitfalls.

Messing Up The Structure

Many argumentative articles come with a structure that is annoying to read. Students will be messy with organization hence they will end up with an article that is not fun nor easy to read.

To solve this issue, create a bullet list before you start writing. Think of what you want to write in each section and use that. The goal is to have each paragraph properly written and containing the things you want to say. At college, this simple trick will have a huge, positive effect.

This is a huge part of writing and it deserves your full attention. Make sure to use all the things you can in order to organize it properly. It will make a massive difference.

Same Conclusion As Introduction

Some students believe that an argumentative paper and any other paper introduction and conclusion are the same things. They will rewrite the introduction and they are done. You must not do this.

The conclusion is a separate paragraph and you need to make it strong and detailed. Read the paper first and only then write a conclusion that will look proper for that paper. Don’t just rewrite the introduction.

Another mistake here is that students will use words like ‘’in conclusion’’ or similar ones. A reader knows that he is reading the conclusion so there is no need to point that out. Read a great book and you will see that there is no this term anywhere.

Not Editing The Essay

Many students will make this mistake. They will believe that their writing is perfect. They had a class about writing so they know everything. Of course, this is a mistake that will have a huge impact on your paper.

Once you are done writing, leave the paper for a few hours. Then read it again and again. Now, find all the issues and correct them. If you are not proficient with this, you can ask a friend to help you.

The goal in this part of education is to write as well as you can. A paper with many mistakes can be a nightmare to read and it won’t tell the reader all the needed information.

Using A few Arguments Only

At university, you will have to write many essays of this kind and many others. The argumentative essay should consist of arguments, obviously. A proper essay will have as many as possible.

Basically, you need to use all the facts and as many arguments as you can to make your essay look and sound professional. More data you provide, the more professional the paper is. You can hear about this on campus and you will see the importance of it.

To get these arguments you will need to do proper research. When this is done, you can use the data and make your paper stand out. Keep in mind that with poor research, you will end up with fewer data to use, hence fewer arguments.

Focusing Only On Arguments That Approve Your Belief

This mistake is common but not as much as you may think. Anyway, it is a huge one. When writing a paper of this kind, focus on both types of arguments. The ones that support and the ones that are negative.

Once again, if you follow this, you will have a detailed and professional paper. If you focus on supporting arguments, you will end up with a paper that doesn’t prove anything.

The Final Word

The conclusion of an argumentative essay should be powerful and to the point. The body must not contain these mistakes and the introduction should intrigue the reader. Once you know all of these, you can write a much better paper and you can expect a much better grade.