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Ares Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And All The Latest Details


David Mudd

Ares is coming back with another season on Netflix and we can’t keep calm. It is going to be another amazing show. And the first season of the show is proof. The show was such an amazing take on horror and mystery that the viewer remains engaged.

So the show has held its viewers captive for long now. So now the second season is going to be here. And everyone wants to know all the details about it. They don’t want to be robbed with the delay in this show specifically.

Now the second season is expected to be even better than the first. And it is going to show a supernatural take on a general horror series. This is something that has amazed many people.


So the mere thought of it is amazing. Read more to find out about this show and the second season that is coming along.

When Is The Show Releasing? (Ares)

The show is going to hit the screens with a bit of delay. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a halt in all the work going about in the world. So the release of the show has also suffered simultaneously.

Earlier, it was scheduled that the show will reach you by 2021. But this was when the shooting was expected to start in April this year. Now that the shooting has delayed, the release will also drop further.

So we aren’t expecting it anytime soon. But stay equipped with the latest information about the show here.

Who Are In The Confirmed Cast Of The Show?

You will see many characters from the past season. There will be many expected and familiar faces. All the main lead will oblige to another season. Also, some of the supporting casts from the first season are expected to be seen again.

You will see Lisa Smit, Robin Boissevain, Frieda Barnhard. Also, you’ll see Jade Olieberg, Tobias Kersloot, Dennis Rudge. Other people that will return include Hans Kesting, Roos Dickmann, Jennifer Welts, Minne Koole.

But you’ll also see many new faces. These will include Minne Koole as Henry, Dennis Rudge as Wendel, Jennifer Welts as Marije, Roos Dickmann as Puk.


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More About The Show And The Possible Plot (Ares)

Now there is going to be a lot about the storyline around Rosa. She has been the person around whom the show has revolved earlier. She had doubted her fit in this culture when she first came. But then she understood what was happening.

Once that she was aware of everything going about with the society, she becomes powerful. The first series has ended with her being the new dictator.

So now we expect the show to feature been more horror and drama. There will be a development in Rosa’s character. And she will carry on her adventures.