Are You The One Season 6 Matches Still Together and Much More


Aditi Narendra

Since being introduced to Netflix U.S., MTV’s dating program Are You The One? has experienced a boom in popularity. Season 6 of the show was just been uploaded, which will please fans. Every season, there is a tonne of mayhem and drama as the single men and women try to find their ideal partner. Even if an algorithm does decide who should be paired off, the competitors don’t necessarily agree with the results.

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Many of the participants in Are You The One? season 6 had started flirting with other co-stars before learning that their ideal match was someone entirely different. So what has changed since the film’s MTV 2017 premiere? Here, you may get all the information on the ideal matches. Should you not have finished watching the season or simply forget who the ideal matches for Are You The One? glance at our list of season 6 titles below!

Season 6 Matches

  • Tyler Colon with Nicole Spiller
  • Clinton Moxam with Geles Rodriguez
  • David Shad with Audrey Diaz
  • Ethan Cohen with Zo Pugh
  • Alexis Eddy with Anthony Martin

The One Season 6 Matches

  • Michael Johnson with Keyana Land
  • Dimitri Valentin and Nurys Mateo
  • Malcolm Drummer with Alivia Hunter
  • Kareem Fathalla with Diandra Delgado
  • Joe Torgerson with Uche Nwosu
  • Keith Klebache with Jada Allen!

Nicole Spiller and Tyler Colon

The first and only Are You the One? flawless matches. In episode 9 of Season 6, the Honeymoon Suite was visited. He was unable to escape the friend zone, and after the program, they never tried to have a romantic connection.

Alexander Eddy with Anthony Martin

Since they spent a lot of time concentrating on confirmed no matches, Anthony and Alexis never sat next to one another at a match-up event until the finale. Because of this, they didn’t pursue a romantic relationship or anything else after the season.

Geles Rodriguez and Clinton Moxam

The two weren’t on someone else’s radar because Geles was attracted to Anthony and Clinton connected with castmate Uche Nwosu early on.

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Clinton and Uche stood next to one another throughout various ceremonies until the conclusion when it was determined that they weren’t an ideal match. After the show, they didn’t make an effort to get romantically involved.

Dimitri Valentin with Nurys Mateo

He spent a lot of time at the house getting to know Diandra Delgado, who ended up in a love triangle with Malcolm Drummer. Prior to the finale, where their compatibility was revealed, they only sat next to one another once. There was no romantic chemistry between the two of them.

Zoe Pugh and Ethan Cohen

In the early half of AYTO Season 6, Ethan had trouble making friends with the women while Zoe was preoccupied with Joe Torgerson. They just sat together during a match-up ritual once before the finale and weren’t aware of one another.

Joe Torgerson with Uche Nwosu

Due to her strong love for Clinton, Uche and Joe were never more than friends. As a result, they didn’t try to get together romantically after the season.

Diandra Delgado with Kareem Fathalla

The two didn’t begin sitting next to each other until the very end of the season because of his affair with Aliva Hunter and her love triangle with Nurys and Malcolm. After the season, they didn’t pursue any romantic relationships.

Jada Allen together with Keith Klebacher

Even after realizing they weren’t an ideal match, Keith had a thing for Alexa, and the two didn’t stay away from one another.

The One Season 6 Matches

Jada, who desired a chance with Clinton, made no friends in the home. Following the shoot, she and Keith didn’t try to date.

Alivia Hunter with Malcolm Drummer

Alivia and Malcolm did not pay much attention to each other early in the season as Malcolm concentrated on Diandra and Nurys while Nurys and Alivia connected with Kareem. Consequently, they didn’t try to develop a romantic relationship.

Kenya Land with Michael Johnson

Michael and Keyana had a promising beginning, but he desired to pursue other relationships inside the home. They ended up being the ideal match, however, they chose against continuing their relationship after the program

Audrey Diaz and David Shad

During multiple match-up ceremonies, Audrey and Shad shared a seat, but Audrey had her sights set on Michael. They were found to be a no-match, so she returned her attention to Shad.

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The two didn’t start dating after the program, though  They were found to be a no-match, so she returned her attention to Shad. The two didn’t start dating after the program, though.