Are You the One Season 10: Whether We Will Get a New Season


David Mudd

Few guilty pleasure shows are as appealing as the typical hot-people-in-a-house situation. On these reality series, gorgeous, hormonally pumped-up twenty-somethings with nowhere to go and nothing to do are likely to get themselves into all sorts of entertaining entanglements.

Are You The One? is a prime example. The MTV dating show, which has been running for nine seasons, is based on matching algorithms. Will there be a Season 10 of  Are You The One? Here’s what we know thus far.

Each season of the program features ten or more singles who have been evaluated by producers and a proprietary algorithm that decides who in the house is their ideal match. The twist is that the cast members aren’t notified who their match is. They attempt to find out who they are best matched for throughout their time together, and a “matching ceremony” at the end of each episode offers the existing couples either a red light or a green light to pursue something together depending on their compatibility.

Are You the One

If the cast can work together to locate all of the matches in the group before the end, they will share a $1 million reward. The award value is halved for each wrong estimate, promoting even more teamwork and cooperation. Even after nine seasons, there appears to be a thirst for more “Are You The One?” Is there going to be more? Here’s all we know about Season 10.

A Look at the Show

Every episode of the series begins with intriguing and exhilarating challenges. At the conclusion of the day, the winning pair gets to go on a ‘Getaway Date.’ This is an incredibly romantic date replete with exotic pleasures. The program incorporates an intriguing component of ‘Truth Booth’ into its episodes. Members of the house must vote for a pair in whom they have trust and feel is the “perfect fit.” The great Truth Booth then judges whether or not the members made the correct decision. This round is notorious for generating a slew of hot disputes! Happy couples eventually end up in an opulent Honeymoon Suite, while others head home.

Are You the One

When Will Are You the One Be Released? Season Ten?

The last episode of “Are You The One?” Season 9 premiered in September 2020. MTV has yet to announce a new season, but it is also yet to cancel the show. While no formal announcements have been made, there is presently a casting call for a 10th season on the casting call website Audition Details. If there is a continuing search for new cast members for the program, there is a significant indication that another season is on the way.

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“Do you think you’re the one?” Season 9 began in July 2020, therefore a tenth season is anticipated to follow in the summer if pandemic measures allow for the kind of personal connections that the program is founded on. Fans should keep a watch out for developments as the summer approaches.

Who Will Play Who in Are You the One? Season Ten?

Because there have been no formal announcements regarding a new season, no new “Are You The One?” cast members have been revealed as well. However, one familiar figure is expected to return: presenter Terrence Jenkins. The actor, model, and entertainment reporter, better known as Terrence J, rose to prominence via his varied hosting duties. One of his most successful shows was BET’s music video countdown show “106 & Park,” which he appeared on from 2006 to 2012.

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Terrence J recently had a harrowing episode when he was the victim of an attempted robbery. On Nov. 13, 2021, he arrived at his house early in the morning to find himself shut in and forced out, along with his female passenger. Four males in masks attempted to rob him before he sped away in a silver Jeep Cherokee. The assailants opened fire on his car. Everything worked out OK, but Terrence J could probably use some dating show fun by hosting “Are You The One?” again.

What Else Do We Know About Are You the One Season 10?

There may be one hurdle in launching a new season of “Are You The One?”: recent claims of drugging and sexual assault by a past candidate. The showrunners had to halt Season 9 filming when Gianna Hammer, a Season 5 cast member, informed the Daily Beast that she was drugged by the production staff and sexually abused by another cast member one night. The producers, according to Hammer, “downplayed” the claimed assault and allowed her assailant to remain on site.

Are You the One

“I think I truly thought about it and thought, ‘Wow, that was really fed up,'” she explained. “They should never have put me in such a dangerous situation. I’m clearly a different person as a result of it all.” According to Insider, Hammer recorded a TikTok video about the event and said that she was put on a low dose of antidepressants before traveling to the Dominican Republic to film the program.

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And, despite her doctor’s advice not to drink while on the medicine, she did, as cast members are known to drink during the play. If MTV can overcome the negative publicity surrounding Hammer’s charges, more “Are You The One?” may be on the way.


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