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Are you craving for watching action-packed anime Ultraman season 2?


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When we were young, We all imagined ourselves as superhero saving the earth from aliens who try to invade it. Our imagination has found grounds in this Ultraman series.

This special action-packed series has real connections with our thoughts. It is an exciting continuation of the original Ultraman show based on the manga written by Eiichi Shimizu and drawn by Tomohiro Shimoguchi. Netflix’s Ultraman is produced by Tsuburaya Productions.

The first season of Ultra Man was released on April 1, 2019, and the series takes you to a world of superheroes. Ultram man season 1 contains a total of 13 episodes.

Ultraman was a science fiction tv show in japan streamed during 1966-67. the base of this show was that giant aliens attack earth then the Japanese government decided to form a department named science patrol to counter aliens, but this special department also fails to control them, but a member of this department named Hayata got transformed into Ultraman.

Ultraman Netflix season 1 was a big hit among the masses. It was in trending for weeks after its release.

if you are a fan of Japanese anime, then this series must have been fascinating for you.

Ultraman season 2

The Plot of Ultraman Season 2

Ultraman season 1 was a continuation of the tv show. The story is about Hayata`s son Shinjiro who is a high school student. He has all the qualities of Ultraman, so he will not able to live an ordinary life. He takes over the Ultraman`s mantle and performs his duties as Ultraman. In the first season 1, we see how Ultra man performs his duties.

At the end of season 1, Ultraman going with Seiji for a fight with Ace Killer, to protect his friend “Ultraman” and to protect Yuko. He holds his own, at first. In fact, he does better than Moroboshi

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and Shinjiro. While the alien butchers continue to tease him to break his combat mindset and bravery.

In the meantime, Seiji gets killed in the gun firing with the aliens. Shinjiro could help him because he was busy in a fight with the other aliens. Moroboshi ultimately recovers from the explosion. Moroboshi destroys the alien, but both Shinjiro and Moroboshi get wrapped in the foreign tentacles!

We can assume that the father and son duo will return with more power and action. There is also speculation of various new characters and an extra cast.

Ultraman season 2

The Cast of Ultraman:

The show will continue the same characters who had played in season 1. The name of the portraying role and character has given below-

  • Josh Hutcherson performing the role of Shinjiro
  • D.C. Douglas performing the role of Edo,
  • Tara Sands portraying the role of Rena,
  • Michael Yurchak portraying the role of Icarus,
  • Gunnar Sizemoreportraying performing the role of Seiji Hokuto,
  • Mick Wingert is performing the role of Yapool
  • Cristina Valenzuela.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Season 2?

The streamer has already announced the renewal and has confirmed that Ultraman Season 2 is coming soon.

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The most waiting teaser trailer was released in July 2020 on Netflix Asia’s YouTube channel. The video created a buzz for Ultraman Season 2 and was trending for weeks. it informed us about Ultraman Suit version 7.0.

You can watch the official teaser trailer just by clicking on the above link. If you wish to watch the full season you can go to Netflix and start enjoying the show.

Ultraman season 2

What Is the Rating of the Ultraman Series?

We know Ultraman is an action-packed anime based on the story of Shinjiro Hayata. The series gets love and affection from the critics as well as from the audience. The series got a decent IMDB rating of 7.8 out of 10. In rotten tomatoes, it was 7.93 out of 10.

FAQ On Ultraman Season 2

Why Is Netflix Taking So Long to Release Season 2?

As the trailer has been released in July 2020, but due to the covid 19 pandemic, it is taking so long to release the episodes of season 2.if all goes right, then we can expect that season 2 will be released probably at end of 2021.

Will Season 2 Going to Be as Fascinating as Season 1?

Well, the answer to this question is quite clear. As we have seen in season 1, the storyline line is good, the graphics were epic, the action moves in the series are fantastic. The animated villains were beautifully designed. So there is no doubt the upcoming one is going to be more fascinating than this.

Ultraman season 2

Final verdict

The original tv show Ultraman was already a big hit at that time. Many comics were released on the basis of this tv show but did not get success like Ultra man. Ultraman is one of the best, and if you once started watching this series, you will not able to leave it in middle.

Once you finish watching season 1, your inquisitiveness for the next season will increase!

If you have any questions related to the cast, plot, character, drop them in the comment box. We will feel happy to answer them.

As soon as we get any update related to season 2, we will update it.

Stay in touch with us for updates.