Are Tayler And Chance Still Together? Check Out Their Current Relationship Status


Riya Arya

Chance Pitt and Tayler George are popular for their love story that was featured on the reality show Love After Lockup. The show featured their love story in a way that have kept all ups and downs, distance and closeness. Chance was released from prison, and he moved in with Tayler and her three daughters. Let’s talk about whether they are still together or not.

Are Tayler And Chance Still Together?

The love and relationship between Tayler and Chance have shown in the show, while some people loved them, some questioned their compatibility. Fans have several doubts like if the couple was suitable enough for each other?

Chance has always proved his love right by stick to his commitment and promise of being together with Tayler. Their love wasn’t for camera only, and they proved it by showing how the love continued to love each other off camera as well.

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The pair is active on social media. They usually take social media to show their love for each other to their fans who want to see them together during thick and thin. They usually post pictures of them.

Love is all about acceptance and adjustment and this is what Chance and Tayler’s love all about. Chance became part of her family and her children also accepted and welcomed him with warmth love.

Taylor and Chance At Love After Lockup

Chance and Tayler love began from the show as they first time met while Chance was serving time in prison for burglary and grand Theft Auto. The couple fell in love with one other. As soon as he gets released, Chance moved in with Tayler and her three children.

The Tension Between Them

Well, the love is not only about all the happy memories, but it has some hard phase too. Following what Chance and Tayler went through, Tayler’s sister, who was suffering with an addiction. Her sister also lived with them, however, one day Chance asked her to move out. Her sister was moved to the garage, broke Tayler’s heart.

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The couple also dealt with some financial issues caused by Chance who has taken some loan without informing Tayler. Chance spent the money for himself.

Is Chance Abusive?

Are Tayler And Chance Still Together?

This is something that fans are concerned about. Although the love between couple is quite visible but Chance’s behavior caused tension between time many times.

Well, stating to the fact, it’s just a doubt whether he is abusive or not as they have not released any comments on this but he accused her of contacting her exes.

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Not only this but he also demanded a paternity test while she was pregnant. This disappointed Tayler. However, with the help of mutual understanding, the two resolved their issues and remained together.

Do Fans Like Them Together?

Many fans of Life After Lockup dislike Chance for his behavior. Some blame him for being abusive, there is confirmation about it thought. Many fans believe that they are not compatible as a couple. However despite facing so much issues, the two are committed to each other and remain together like solid rock.

Fans love the fact that the couple always resolve issues between them in order to stay together. What do you think about them? Do you like them together? Despite of fans believe that the couple is surely not at all compatible in terms of mutua respect, understanding and emotional investment, fans still are happy for them that the two have never thought of breaking up and continued the journey of their love even off camera.


Chance Pitt and Tayler George are popular for their love story that was featured on the reality show Love After Lockup. Yes, the couple is still together despite going through many ups and downs.

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