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Are Soulja Boy And Nia Still Together 2022? Here’s The Info!

In this article, we will discuss the topics like, Are Soulja Boy And Nia Still Together 2022? Know everything about Soulja Boy and Nia Riley and their relationship. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

Are Soulja Boy And Nia Still Together 2022?

Soulja Boy is an American rapper who has been in the entertainment business for a long time. Hits like “Pretty Boy Swag” helped him get famous. He told everyone recently that he’s going to have a baby soon. Soulja shared a clip from his gender reveal party, where it was announced that he and his girlfriend Jackie were going to have a boy.

This made people start talking about his past relationships and dates. Many people have been wondering if Soulja Boy and Nia are still together in 2022. No, they are not together because we can see that their lives are moving on. Soulja is getting ready to start a family, while Nia Riley is still single. Soulja and Nia were together for a long time, but in 2019 they decided to break up. Nia said that their on-and-off relationship was abusive. They dated from 2013 to 2019, when they finally broke up.

are soulja boy and nia still together 2022

Is Nia Riley Still With Soulja Boy?

The show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood had Riley and Soulja on it. Nia was one of the first people to be on the show, and she was in all four of the first seasons. Soulja, on the other hand, could also be seen on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. That’s how their relationship began to go in the right direction. During the first two seasons of the show, we saw how they were together and how Soulja cheated on her. Soulja had an affair with Nas, who is friends with Nia. Nia got a lot of attention because Soulja was dating her. Both of them didn’t like the other one.

Nia said in an interview in 2021 that she had been abused and that Soulja had kicked her when she was pregnant. She said, “He knew for sure I was pregnant. I was about 15 weeks along.” I don’t think I told anyone else I was pregnant because, to be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to do or what I wanted to do. I was in Los Angeles, so I had time. I don’t know what time it happened, but I know it was that night, maybe late that night or early the next morning. I put a towel on the bed, I remember.” So far, Soulja hasn’t replied to what she said. At the moment, they watch movies to pass the time.

Who Does Soulja Boy Have A Relationship With?

Soulja Boy surprised his fans on March 19, 2022, when he posted a video to Instagram telling them that the 32-year-old rapper would become a father the following year.

On the same Saturday, his girlfriend Jackilyn Martinez posted a number of clips and photos from the gender reveal party she and Soulja had.

Jackilyn is a celebrity hairdresser who has worked with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Brandy, Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, French Montana, and Kim Kardashian.

On Friday, September 30, Soulja and Jackilyn showed off their son in an Instagram post for Jackilyn’s birthday.

Soulja Boy has been in a lot of relationships over the years. Many of them have been on and off, and some may have overlapped.

He is said to have been engaged twice, once to Rosa Acosta, whom he dated from 2009 to 2011.

Soulja is also said to have dated other musicians like Keri Hilson, the rapper Diamond, and Teyana Taylor.

Rap star Nia Riley, Lil Mama, and Rubi Rose have all been linked to the Chicago-born rap star.

are soulja boy and nia still together 2022

When Did Soulja Boy Last Appear On Love & Hip Hop?

Soulja Boy was a main character on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood for the first two seasons, and he also showed up in a few episodes of the third season.

On the show, they talked about his relationship with Nia Riley and how they dealt with his busy touring schedule and the possibility that he was cheating on her.

He first appeared on the show in 2014. Two years later, he was allegedly kicked off the reality show.

Soulja Boy tweeted at the time, “I’ve decided to leave Love & Hip Hop. I think that my brand is now too big for the show.”

Nia and the rapper also had a short appearance on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.

Even though he left in a dramatic way, there were rumours that Soulja Boy would be back on Love & Hip Hop in 2019.

But because of problems with the law at the time, he never came back.

are soulja boy and nia still together 2022

Who Exactly Is Soulja Boy?

His real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, and he was born on July 28, 1990.

As a child, he moved from Chicago to Atlanta. When he was a teen, he went to Mississippi to live with his father.

Soulja started making music around 2004, and sites like MySpace and Youtube helped him gain more fans.

In 2007, his song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which was his big break. At the 50th Grammy Awards, he was nominated for Best Rap Song, but Kanye West and T-Pain beat him.

In October of that year, he put out his first album,

Soulja Boy has worked with artists like Lil Wayne and Drake after making hits like “Kiss Me Through the Phone” and “Turn My Swag On.”

Soulja Boy has more than 7 million Instagram followers, and he has also started streaming on

Celebrity Net Worth says that Soulja Boy has a net worth of about $30 million.

Who Exactly Is Nia Riley?

Nia is a model and socialite who got famous when she started dating Soulja. She is the daughter of the singer Teddy Riley, who has won a Grammy. Nia dated Soulja in the early 2000s, and she has also dated many other famous people. She was in the show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood from the beginning.

Here she was with Soulja, who was her boyfriend at the time. It was said that she dated Al Horford, Lil’ Fizz, and Soulja Boy when she was just starting out. But none of her relationships went the way she wanted them to. She is 32 years old and is reportedly single right now.

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