Are Shayne and Chloe Still Together? What Happened To Your Favorite Couple From Perfect Match?


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Ate you just as curious as I that are Shayne and Chloe still together? The contestants on A Perfect Match are drawn from some of the most well-liked dating and reality series on the streaming giant. The show’s distinctive structure involves putting prospective partners to the test to discover which relationship among the contestants is the strongest. Shayne Jensen from Love Is Blind and Chloe Veitch from Too Hot to Handle and The Circle is two of the most well-liked contestants on the show.

Are Shayne and Chloe Still Dating?

There is currently no hard proof that Shayne and Chloe are no longer together. Even though they haven’t lately shared any photos of themselves together, this doesn’t always indicate that they are no longer dating. It’s likely that they are just keeping their romance under wraps and out of sight.

Shayne and Chloe On A Perfect Match

With a novel concept that assesses the compatibility of potential couples, Netflix’s Perfect Match brought together the stars of some of the most well-liked reality and dating shows on the streaming giant. Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jensen were two well-known individuals that had close relationships with the show


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One of the first occupants of the mansion, Shayne had a difficult time at first. He first matched with Ines, but their shared interest doesn’t lead to a closer relationship right away. In an odd partner exchange with Nick, he also matches with Izzy, a different cast member from Perfect Match, but when she matches with Bartise, he is forced to match again with Ines. Sparks fly when Shayne and Chloe are paired since their energies are exactly in sync, and they end up taking a shower together (with swimsuits on, thankfully).

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They were paired up in episode 6, and as soon as they met, they clicked. Yet before being paired up, Shayne made several attempts at relationships with Ines and Izzy, neither of which went any further. For eight months, Chloe dated her co-star in “The Circle,” but their relationship ended without a resolution.

Shayne and Chloe Still Together

Then Francesca and Damian seized control and arranged for Chloe to go out on a date with Mitchell, her ex and former “The Circle” co-star. Shayne was eliminated as Chloe chose to match with Mitchell, hurting his heart. Chloe had remorse and wanted to get back in touch with Shayne after Mitchell confessed he was not searching for a relationship two days later.

Chole’s Regret For choosing Mitchell Over Shayne

Shayne is eliminated as Chloe chooses to match with Mitchell, hurting his heart. Two days later, Mitchell finally says that he is not searching for a relationship, which causes Chloe to feel sorrow and a longing to see Shayne again.

What Happened Between Shayne and Natalie?

His ex-fiancée, Natalie, recently shared on Instagram that they received a request to submit an application for the new dating program “Perfect Match” in September 2021 when they were still dating. She claims that even though they split up and lost touch, Shayne went through the show’s casting procedure while they were still dating.

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Nevertheless, after “Love Is Blind: After the Altar” was filmed in early 2022, they reestablished contact. Natalie continued by saying that Shayne texted her a lot when they were filming “Perfect Match” to let her know that he was still in love with her after meeting her at the taping of the “Love Is Blind” reunion program. She further said that Shayne made an attempt to meet with her after “Perfect Match” was shot.

Social Media on Chloe and Shayne

What transpired between Chloe and Shayne following the production of Perfect Match is unknown. They are both subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Netflix, so they are unable to discuss their romantic status or what transpired following the show. Any information on their post-filming relationship is unknown until they are allowed to discuss it publicly.

Shayne and Chloe Still Together

It is likely that they are still in touch. Due to the stringent restrictions on competitors’ social media, the current condition of their relationship is unknown, and viewers will have to wait until the program concludes and the NDA expires to learn more. As the program approaches its Feb. 28 2023 finale, we’ll continue to keep an eye out for hints.


In Perfect Match, Chloe and Shayne had great chemistry, but things didn’t work out in the end. Fans can only hope that they reunite despite the lack of information regarding their current whereabouts. In the basics, fans may keep enjoying the drama and thrills of Netflix’s original dating program.

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