Are Rigsby and Andres Still Together? All That We Know So Far About Them!!


Aditi Deshinge

Cody Rigsby is a dancer as well as fitness instructor from the United States of America. He has worked with a huge range of popular musicians which includes Katy Perry, Saturday Night Live, Pitbull and so many as such.

Cody was also a backup dancer Nicki Minaj at the time of 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.

A famous Peloton instructor, Cody Rigsby is seems to face little competition at fitness professionals. The contestant from Dancing with the stars can work up a sweat on the stationary cycle. He so much endearing that even people who hate wake up early will get out of bed at three in the morning and join his boo gang.

He has true positive vibes which are contagious. He is an amazing trainer who can pump up a group of people who are crazy about workout. As per some hidden sources Cody Rgsby’s secret boyfriend is Andres Alfaro.

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Are Rigsby and Andres Still Together?

Well, some sources claims that Cody Rigsby is known to be single since his gour years engagement to Andres Alfaro come to an end. After completion of university studies, Cody collaborated Pitbul, Saturday Night Live, and Katy Perry.

Cody also has experience in working for LGBT establishments. In 2011, he gave a performance at Victoria’s Secret Fashion show for showing his support for Nicki Minaj. They began dating in 2018, however it wasn’t until March 2020 and their relationship was made public.

Are Rigsby and Andres Still Together?

The duo Rigsby and Andres are together since 2018 and they were also engaged. For the first couple of years, the couple vowed to maintain their relationship in private and they did it successfully.

However, in 2020 when the Vogue published a profile of Cody, plenty of pictures of the two of them together on Instagram went on viral.

Who is Andres Alfaro?

Andres Alfaro is also a fitness trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp. Additionally, he also works in many other areas like operations management, people management, leadership, quality control, and consumer service.

Rigsby and Andres have made their relationship public and since then their Instagram feed is loaded with sweet photos of the duo together. They frequently upload adoring photos, however their captions are very short.

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Are Rigsby and Andres Broke Up?

Cody ended their relationship on his own will, however many people are confused what went wrong in their relationship. It seems like they have decided to get separate since April of 2022. So they have ended their relationship quite few months ago.

But, we haven’t get any reason behind their break up yet. Moreover, Andres and Cody have broken up their social media interactions and signaling their break up.

Additionally, both of them have untagged their previously posted pictures and still they haven’t removed their pictures from social media. When they were together they have traveled and attended a huge range of events and they both are sports addicted personas.

Are Rigsby and Andres Still Together?

Neither one of them has confirmed their break up rumors, however we can understand that it is quite hard to let go of someone from your life.

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From this article we can say that Rigsby and Andres are not together, though they haven’t revealed their broke up officially. Hope this article is helpful for you guys so leave your comment in comment section and read our articles for more such interesting information.