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Are Rae and Jake Dating or Not?

Jake and Rae instantly bonded after joining the Netflix show to focus on their relationships.

You weren’t alone in wanting Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams to stay together on “The Ultimatum.” Throughout the show, their co-stars noticed their apparent bond.

But do they, like the other couples, stay together? The series finale and reunion special on April 13th revealed the couple’s destiny (and all of the others).

And, like with most things “Ultimatum,” the solution is complex.

Are They Ending Up?

To refresh your memory, Jake and Rae appeared on the show to test their relationships. Rae was with Zay Wilson and Jake April Marie. The couples split apart to test if they were ready for marriage.

Jake and Rae decide to move in together for a three-week “trial marriage” after rapidly clicking.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jake discusses their level of intimacy. “We were really respectful throughout the situation. We had no intercourse, despite appearances. We only kissed. For the first five days, I slept in a different bed “explained.

Are Rae and Jake Dating

A thriving relationship, they opt to invest in each other rather than past relationships. After all, Jake rejects April’s marriage ultimatum in the season finale.

Rae reunites with Jake Instead of a ring, Jake gives Rae a ticket to anyplace in the world.

Jake And Rae Admit They Didn’t Go On The Trip:

Jake and Rae confess that they did not go on the vacation during the reunion. According to Rae, “we came to the conclusion that everyone needed additional time to recuperate.”

Rae, on the other hand, attempted to make things work with her ex-boyfriend, Zay. “Zay and I did our best to put things right. That did not work out in the end, but we tried our best “Rae went on to explain. “I attempted to be more expressive with him, and he improved his communication skills as a result of the show.”

While reliving the events of the performance, Zay and Rae get into a heated debate regarding the specifics of what it means to “make it work.” Rae, according to Zay, was with him when the event came to a close.

Rae categorically disputed that their previous relationships had “kept them back” from seeking a new relationship. Instead, they both made the “deliberate choice” to “reverse course” after deciding to do so.

Is Rae Dating Another Person?

In the aftermath of her breakup with Zay and Jake, Rae discloses that she has only been with one person, a woman whom she characterises as “wonderful.”

“I felt a strong connection with her, but we kept things light and informal. But I’m figuring things out for myself “Rae shared her thoughts.

Rae came out as bisexual to the rest of the cast as a result of this news. “For a long time, I felt extremely self-conscious about my sexual orientation. I’ve only been with one female so far, and it’s been wonderful, to be honest “Rae shared her thoughts. Vanessa said that she was “glow[ing],” to which the cast responded with applause.

Are Rae and Jake Dating

Zay stated that he has been attempting to determine what he truly desires. “I thought I knew what I was doing, but I’m taking my time,” Zay explained.

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