Are Rachel Bryan Still Together in 2023? Do Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Have Children?


Vaibhavi Setia

As heartfelt as ABC’s reality shows The Single man, The Unhitched female (Rachel Bryan ) and Lone wolf in Heaven are, their romantic tales will quite often wear hot then flame out quick. Nearly four dozen seasons have circulated in the establishment, however just a small bunch of couples are still together — and by far most are Lone rangeress couples.

Maybe it’s imprudence to anticipate that individuals should shape lasting relationships over the range of two months in a high-stress, profoundly delivered, all-broadcast climate. The Lone wolf hasn’t highlighted a romantic tale that was totally going great in years.

Which ‘Single guy’ Couples Split?

Arie Luyendyk Jr. also, Lauren Burnham are still together, yet he originally proposed to Becca Kufrin, which was … abnormal. Props to Single man No. however, 21 Scratch Viall for trying. He endeavored to find The One during his season of The Single man, two seasons of The Lone wolfess and one Unhitched male in Heaven stint.

In perhaps of the most unsurprising split in Lone ranger Country, Scratch released a joint proclamation with Vanessa Grimaldi soon after his season in 2017 stating they were “disheartened” that they didn’t get the “fantasy ending” they’d expected.


Most as of late, season 26 Single man Clayton Echard and Susie Evans reported their “painful” split in a joint Instagram explanation shared on September 23, 2022.

While the couple didn’t get taken part in the show’s Walk 2022 finale, they chose to allow their relationship an opportunity … with miserable outcomes. “With incredibly weighty hearts, we needed to share that we have chosen to head out in a different direction,” the pair uncovered.

Why ‘Single Girl’ Couples Split?

Scratch and Vanessa weren’t the main reality television team whose joyfully at any point after got stopped. There have been many ups, downs and surprising turns in the heartfelt existences of Lone wolf Country.

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Hannah Brown unloaded Jed Wyatt soon after her season finale in 2019 when she figured out he lied about the degree of his relationship with ex Haley Stevens prior to coming on the show.

While the Measurements Might Appear To Be Terrible, Previous Single Man Star Sean Lowe Had an Interesting Take

“I think the achievement rate is high considering the conditions,” the season 17 star only told Life and Style in June 2020. “The vast majority don’t live in a similar city, you don’t have to manage real-world conditions while you’re on the show, it sets you up for an accident landing, in a manner of speaking.”


He added, “By the day’s end, if you conclude you need to propose to somebody or on the other hand to acknowledge somebody’s proposition, that ultimately depends on you from there on out. I don’t think it is ABC or The Lone wolf’s shortcoming on the off chance that your relationship doesn’t work out.”

Are Rachel Bryan Still Together in 2023 (2)

Later Single girls have likewise been unfortunate in affection. Season 18′s Michelle Young and life partner Nayte Olukoya declared their split in June 2022, six months after their commitment was displayed during the season 18 finale.

“I’m struggling to say that Nayte and I will be going our different ways, yet I stand with him in knowing the heaviness that is available in both of our souls as this relationship has been genuine as far as we’re concerned,” Michelle composed by means of her Instagram Stories that month.

Co-Single girl leading woman Gabby Windey and life partner Erich Schwer split under two months in the wake of getting drawn in during the September 2022 season 19 finale.

The previous couple affirmed their separation to Individuals on November 4. Things didn’t turn out for her costar, Rachel Recchia, who finished things with life partner Tino Franco before their finale even broadcasted.

Do Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Have Children?

The couple don’t have children yet have talked a lot about their objective of starting a family one day.


“A many individuals are, like, ‘Um, you said you were going to begin.’ We do. We need to,” Rachel Lindsay solely told Life and Style in 2020. “I know there’s no ideal time and we have our own timeline, however it’s definitely something we still need to do.”

That being said, the Single guy Country star lacks the capacity to deal with inconsiderate remarks about their family planning. Rachel jokingly emulated playing the violin in light of an individual who said they were “at this point not a fan” through Instagram in December 2022.

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“Lying to Bryan about wanting youngsters for a long time is brutal and manipulative,” the remark Rachel shared read, to which she answered, “Sure, Jan.”

Are Rachel Lindsay Bryan Abasolo Still Together?

Rachel, 37, and Bryan, 42, met during season 13 of The Unhitched female in 2017, where the chiropractor proposed during the finale. The lawyer’s different finalists included Peter Krause, Eric Greater and Dignitary Unglert.

Are Rachel Bryan Still Together in 2023 (2)

Rachel conceded that she wished viewers saw a greater amount of her blossoming sentiment with Bryan on-screen. He scored the primary kiss of the season and the initial feeling rose, yet a large part of the show encompassed her all over relationship with second place Peter, 36.

“With regards to Bryan, you clearly see that we’re exceptionally energetic with one another, however you don’t see the profundity our relationship had,” Rachel told The Hollywood Reporter following her season finale.


“There was no show. It’s insane the science that we have between one another and how viable we are. I really want to have seen a greater amount of that. I want to have seen the pith of Bryan.”

Bryan concurred with the opinion during their joint interview and figured their absence of strain didn’t make for “interesting television.”

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“There were no contentions,” he shared. “There’s a ton of dramatization on the show, so I think they chose to air that and forget about top to bottom discussions.”

When Did Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Get Married?

Rachel and Bryan secured the bunch in 2019 during a flawless function in Mexico. Before that, they did a tad of moving around to sort out what turned out best for them.

In 2019, nearly two years into their commitment, Rachel moved to Miami, Florida, from her old neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, in request to be nearer to Bryan.

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