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The idea behind The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On a new dating show on Netflix, is crazy. At least one person in each couple has given them an ultimatum: Get married or get the hell out. They are on this show to date around and see if the person they came with is the person they are meant to leave with. You’re probably right if you think that sounds like a relationship counselor’s worst nightmare.

Nate Ruggles and Lauren Kilos, one of the couples on the show, didn’t even get to the “dating around” stage. Nate asked Lauren to marry him before they could even choose someone else to try out their marriage with. Reminding you that one of the reasons they couldn’t figure out how to get married was that they had different ideas about having kids, which is fine!

But if the show was filmed months ago, are these two still together? And did they really tie the knot? What we know is as follows.

Are Nate And Lauren Still Together?

They didn’t post about each other on their Instagram accounts for a long time. If you go on a reality show like The Ultimatum, the producers may ask you to hide a bunch of your recent posts so that people can’t “spoil” the show for themselves by looking at your Instagram. So, it was possible that Lauren and Nate were still together and maybe even married for a while, but we didn’t know for sure until yesterday, when the reunion aired.

Before that, we didn’t have much, except for one of Nate’s recent Instagram Stories in which he talked about Lauren and made a vague reference to “my girl.”

are nate and lauren still together

Then the reunion was announced, and we knew for sure. We find out that Lauren and Nate are still together and have been to therapy. Also, they agreed to make a deal by having one child someday, even though they don’t plan to get pregnant just yet.

Lauren talked about how she feels about her fiancé on the Today show. She said, “[Nate] told me that within a few weeks of us being together, he was like, ‘I just know this is my person.'” I had the same feeling.”

She also said that after Nate proposed on the show, he planned to do it again behind closed doors. He got in touch with a diamond broker, had a ring made, and proposed again in Zilker Park in Austin. The couple plans to get married in October in Breckinridge, Colorado, which is one of their favourite vacation spots.

Professional Background Of Lauren Pounds

According to her business Instagram, Shake Shake Pour, Lauren makes, drinks, and loves craft cocktails. She posts beautiful pictures of cocktails along with the recipe for each one on that account.

According to her LinkedIn page, Lauren worked as a coordinator and office manager at different companies before she became a mixologist. In 2016, she got her degree from Texas State University.

are nate and lauren still together

The Social Media Of Lauren Pounds

Lauren posts a lot on Instagram, mostly pictures of herself in beautiful places. She has written from Colorado, Costa Rica, and Japan, among other places. Lauren loves to travel so much that she has several highlight reels on Instagram that show the different places she’s been.

Nathan isn’t on Lauren’s Instagram feed, so it’s hard to know how their proposal went after the show. They were engaged at the end of The Ultimatum, but fans will have to watch the reunion special to find out what happened.

are nate and lauren still together

Who Is The Ultimatum’s Nathan Ruggles?

Nathan Ruggles, also known as “Nate,” is a contestant on the show. He has given his girlfriend, Lauren, The Ultimatum, which means they have to get married or else.

The 30-year-old man works in IT and once walked four miles with his pet when it was 70 degrees outside.

Nathan Ruggles is a real estate developer in the movie “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.”

Nathan Ruggles, who grew up in Austin, lives an exciting and career-focused life. In 2009, the property developer graduated from James Bowies High School. In the same year, he started going to Texas State University-San Marcos to get a BBA.

During college, he joined a group called the Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization to improve his skills.

After he graduated from college in 2014, he got a job as a director of sales at Indeed. He moved up in his career by becoming Vice President of Business Development at Urbanist, a company that makes designer apartments with PropTech. He had been in sales for five years.

Later, in 2020, Ruggles helped start a company called Derive Development in San Antonio, Texas. He is now the COO of a real estate company.

The co-founder loves to travel to places with lots of nature and has posted many pictures of this on his social media accounts.

He also takes care of his dog Charlie, with whom he loves spending quality time. The contestant on The Ultimatum was close to his sister Nicky, whose birthday he celebrated with a sweet Instagram post.

The workaholic has a pretty good balance between work and life because he has time to spend with his friends.

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