Are Mizkif And Emiru Dating? Know The Truth Behind the Rumors


Aditi Narendra

There is no proof that the Twitch streamers are Mizkif and Emiru dating each other. Emiru is currently not dating anyone. After Mizkif and Maya Higa, another Twitch gamer broke up in September 2021, some people on social media speculated that Mizkif started dating Emiru, whose real name is Emily Schunk.

Emiru is an American Twitch streamer and cosplayer. The rumors started circulating when she joined the gaming organization called One True King (OTK).

Is Emiru The Girlfriend Of Mizfik?

No, there is no romantic relationship between Mizkif and Emiru. They have never had a romantic relationship. However, when Mizkif became close to Emiru after splitting up with Maya.  Their closeness led to some turmoil. Fans of Maya and Mizkif were suspicious of their closeness. Maya believed Mizkif was attempting to take Emiru’s place in her place.

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Fans began to speculate that Mizkif and Emiru were dating, especially after she joined his gaming group. Emiru’s decision to move on and collaborate with other creators made sense in light of her connection to Mizkif.

Are Mizkif And Emiru Dating

The fact that Mizkif and Emiru had the same interests, pastimes, and Asian ancestry bothered Mizkif’s ex-girlfriend. Fans were reassured by Mizkif that he and Maya at the time had no animosity towards one another. They were still amicable with one another.

Mizfik’s Previous Relationship With Maya

Maya and Mizkif became a couple in the summer of 2019. Mizfik publicly announced their relationship in a YouTube video in August 2019. They had a close bond that viewers enjoyed, and compilations of their cute moments on Twitch streams became popular. Mizkif shared on Twitter in September 2021 that they had broken up. They reassured fans that they were parting ways amicably and had no ill feelings towards each other.

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A few months later, Emiru, a League of Legends streamer known for her cosplays and with a large following, moved into Mizkif’s content house. This was part of the One True King Network. This move made sense since Emiru had collaborated with the network before. However, Emiru moving in with Mizkif led to Maya being compared to her frequently. This caused Maya to express her distress publicly about Mizkif and Emiru’s new connection.

Maya’s Response To Mizfik And Emiru Dating Rumour

Maya expressed her discomfort with the fact that Mizkif and Emiru had similar interests, hobbies, and Asian heritage. Despite that, Maya has always been a kind person and wants others to be happy.

She mentioned that she wants Emiru to be happy at the One True King’s content house and doesn’t want others to get upset because of her feelings. Mizkif also confirmed to fans that there is no animosity between him and Maya at that time, and their relationship is still good.

Neither Mizkif nor Emiru has confirmed being in a romantic relationship. It appears that they have a strong friendship and nothing more. There is currently no evidence to support the claim that Mizkif and Emiru are dating. So the rumors about their relationship can be considered false.


Mizkif has assured his viewers that there are no hard feelings between him and Maya. It has been over a year since Mizkif and Maya ended their relationship. It is unclear if Mizkif has been involved in any romantic relationships since then.

Emiru seems to be single and is more focused on her gaming career. We wish the best for Mizkif, Emiru, and Maya in their future endeavors. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if Mizkif and Emiru were together as a couple.

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