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There are a lot of awkward moments on TLC‘s 90 Day Fiancé, but Ukrainian beauty Natalie Mordovtseva and her Washington-born husband Mike Youngquist continue to take the cake.

In the Nov. 14 episode of 90 Days: The Single Life, Natalie goes back to his house to get her things after they’ve been apart for months. She then decides that she wants to get back together with him. But are Mike and Natalie still dating?

Mike and Natalie have been apart for a while, and Natalie even moved to Florida and started dating other men while she was there, but they are still married. In the episode, which was released on the Discovery Plus app before it was shown on TV, Natalie basically tells the producers that she thinks she’s the best thing that ever happened to Mike, while her current boyfriend has higher expectations that she may not be able to meet.

Even though it’s not the best way to get back together, that’s what Natalie wants.

are mike and natalie still together

After ’90 Days’, Are Mike And Natalie Still Together?

Mike isn’t sure if he’s ready to give Natalie another chance on the show. Even though they are both to blame for the problems in their marriage, he is hurting the most right now because Natalie left his house and moved to another state. Which, sure, is a valid complaint right now.

On the other hand, Natalie has changed her mind about everything. She used to hate Mike’s remote home and quiet life, but now she can’t wait to go back, get married again, and get things back on track.

One problem, though, is that Mike’s mother Trish is now living with him. She still doesn’t like or trust Natalie. Even if Natalie can get Mike to give her a second chance, she still has to get his mom to like her.

Mike and Natalie haven’t shown any signs that they’re together outside of 90 Day: The Single Life. That could mean that they both know how to keep their relationship status a secret so they can keep their NDAs. Or, they don’t get back together, and by the end of the season, Natalie leaves Mike’s house again.

It doesn’t look like they’re together right now.

On “90 Day Fiancé,” What Happened Between Natalie And Mike’s Mom?

Mike and Natalie’s relationship has always been on the edge between being unhealthy and being real love. In Season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, when Natalie moved to the U.S., things didn’t get any better for them. In fact, Mike’s mom thought Natalie was a “scammer,” and Natalie said Trish called her a “hooker.”

Trish strongly denied the claim, but it made it clear that Mike’s wife and his mom were no longer on the same page. Trish is ready to fight now that Natalie is back.

Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST, you can watch 90 Day: The Single Life on TLC.

are mike and natalie still together

About Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie Mordovtseva is a well-known model, actress, journalist, reality TV star, and Instagram star from Ukraine. She has been in more than one video. She became well-known because of how well she could act. Many people look up to her because of how knowledgeable she is in her field, how strong and brave she is, and how soft-spoken she is. Her unique outfit choices, beautiful looks, and modelling poses are all worth noticing. Her style and cute smile make her even more appealing. She usually shows a bit of her life and what she’s interested in on Instagram. Her beautiful face, interesting smile, and stunning looks make her very popular.

Her Early Years Of Life

She was born in the Ukraine. As of 2020, we don’t know for sure, she is about 35 years old. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius. She was born and raised in Ukraine.

Her educational background is unknown at this time. She also promotes different brands. People like her Instagram photos and videos of her modelling a lot. She is interested in fashion and working out.

Physical Appearance

She’s young, pretty, and very hot. She is tall and thin. She is very popular with young people. She looks like a doll. She stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 54 kilogrammes. She is not very big. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has long, silky hair and big, beautiful eyes that look very appealing. She is very appealing as a person.

are mike and natalie still together

About Mike Youngquist

Mike is an American who is from Sequim, Washington. He was born in 1986, which makes him 34 years old. But he hasn’t said exactly when he was born. Mike is of the Caucasian race. He went to Salinas High School to finish his education.

Parents, Siblings, And Other Relatives Of Mike

Mike’s father was Mike Youngquist Sr., and his mother was Sandy Youngquist. His father went to Alisal High School. In February 1993, he married his mother. But when a woman named Patricia Youngquist said that Mike was her son, things got confusing. He did, however, grow up with his brother Dustin Mcbride. His brother works for a company that makes cars.

Mike’s Body Measurement: Height And Weight

Mike’s bright blue eyes are one of the things that make him so attractive. His beard fits well with the rest of him. In the same way, his hair is also black. Mike’s height of 5 feet 11 inches is very impressive. His weight is thought to be about 89 kg.

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