Are Michael B Jordan And Tessa Thompson Dating in 2023? Look Into Their Relationship On And Off Screen In Creed!


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With Creed, 2023 people are wondering are Michael B Jordan And Tessa Thompson dating in 2023? Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson played love interests in three Creed movies over an eight-year period. Despite the relationship being fictional, they still had to work to keep it exciting.

In an interview with Refinery29, Thompson revealed that she and Jordan underwent couples counseling while in character as Donnie Creed and Bianca Taylor to prepare for Creed III, and the experience helped them in their personal relationships.

Are Michael B Jordan And Tessa Thompson Love Birds?

The question of whether Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson are dating has been addressed. According to sources, the actors are not in a romantic relationship. While Michael B. Jordan is currently single, Tessa Thompson has been tight-lipped about her dating life. In an interview with Refinery29, Thompson expressed that there are many misconceptions about her dating life.

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She revealed that the growth of their characters in the movie Creed III reflected their real-life growth. They even went to couples therapy in character, which gave them useful tips for their real-life relationships.

Are Michael B Jordan And Tessa Thompson Dating in 2023

Thompson described Creed III as a full PSA for therapy, encouraging everyone to attend therapy sessions to improve their relationships. In the same interview, Thompson also praised Jordan’s style of direction as a director in Creed III.

Creed Was A Romantic Journey

Thompson mentioned that they have been portraying the characters in Creed for more than nine years, and it has become a personal and romantic experience for them. They intended to use couples therapy as a means to enhance their characters, but the lines between reality and fiction started to blur as they delved deeper into the sessions.


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She acknowledged that they also began to reflect on their own relationships during the process. Thompson further added that it was their first time engaging in couples therapy as the characters they play in Creed, made it a unique experience for them.

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Thompson commented on the significant personal growth she and Jordan have experienced during the nine-year filming process of the three Rocky sequel movies, starting with Creed in 2015, followed by Creed II in 2018, and now, Creed III.

Tessa Thompson Talks About Her Character Growth in Creed III

In an interview with Refinery 29, Tessa Thompson shared that the character growth in Creed III is reflective of their real-life growth. She mentioned that both she and Michael B. Jordan, who play the characters of Bianca Taylor and Adonis “Donnie” Creed, respectively, have grown as parents and business owners.

Thompson explained that they went to couples therapy in character as their roles and found it useful for their real-life relationships. She stated that the movie’s message is a PSA for therapy, and she believes that therapy can help sharpen communication and understand how someone works.

She shared that the couple’s therapy session helped them open up about what they would do if they were actually young parents. Additionally, they were able to talk to a couples therapist and understand the themes and impediments to happiness or success as a couple.

Need for Couple Therapy for Creed

Thompson expressed that therapy can aid in refining communication and understanding one’s behavior, even in a seemingly positive relationship. She mentioned that after years of working together on various projects, including the Creed films, she and Jordan have seen each other go through different phases in their love lives, and have gained some insight into each other’s personal lives.

This led to them discussing therapy and sharing their thoughts, which ultimately led to them starting counseling sessions at work that gradually became more personal. The sessions gave them an opportunity to speak with a couples therapist and gain knowledge about the challenges that young parents face while trying to balance their aspirations and goals.

Thompson On Creed Films and Boxing

Thompson admitted that despite working on three Creed films, she still knows nothing about boxing. She explained that each time she works on the movie, she learns something new, only to forget it later on. She added that she becomes so involved in watching the fight scenes that all thoughts of the sport and its techniques go out the window.
Are Michael B Jordan And Tessa Thompson Dating in 2023
As a result, she claimed to know nothing about boxing anymore. Regarding her own boxing skills, Thompson believed that she was a decent boxer, and if she practiced, she could be really good at it. She acknowledged that she wasn’t very good at face-punching, but she excelled at bag work.

Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson’s On-Screen Relationship

Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson’s on-screen relationship in the Creed films became a personal and romantic experience for them over the course of nine years. Despite the relationship being fictional, they went to couples therapy in character to enhance their roles in Creed III.
This experience proved useful in their personal relationships as well. Thompson expressed that therapy can be beneficial for even seemingly positive relationships.
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