Are Micah and Paul Still Together? They Dated After The Show Ended!


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Let’s talk about Micah and Paul from the show Love is blind. Are Micah and Paul still together? What do you think about the pair? The drama has its whole history that follows romance, Love triangle, fights, drama, wedding, rejection, patch up, breakup and what not? Let’s explore with us.

Micah and Paul At Love Is Blind

The show, Love is blind, is a dating show. Love Is Blind Season 2: Netflix Renews The Blind Date Experimenting Series,

In the beginning, Micah and Paul have shown their interest in other people, Micah showed little interest in sales development manager Kwame and checked a connection and on the other hand, Paul did the same with Amber. Are Amber and Barnett Still Together? Everything We Know So Far About This Love is Blind Couple?.

Micah and Paul’s romance began and they shared lovey dovey moments together. In Mexico, the couple spent some special moments together by going on dates and also stayed in the same room.

Surprisingly, the other cast members entered in Mexico and Micah and Kwame were seeing getting close together during a pool party. On the other hand Paul and Irina also got closer. Irina admitted that She got attracted to Paul, and Micah got upset over this.

Are Micah and Paul Still Together?

Did Micah And Paul Get Married On Wedding Day ?

Paul and Micah got excited and nervous at same time. They wondered whether they would say yes or no. They arrived on the Alter. On the question of “I do”, Micah states that she wants Paul to answer first, Paul said “I love you but I don’t think we can choose each other right now. I think that we are not there”.

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Micah left the alter crying, Micah revealed that she was about to say yes but she wanted to make sure Paul says yes first. The pair did not get married.

Are They Still Together?

Although they were in love and still did not get married because of the unsurety that developed during the wedding day, especially from Paul’s side. The pair revealed that they tried to date after the cancellation of wedding.

Micah went to Arizona, Paul visited her but they still could not work out and parted ways. Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Take Netflix Love Is Blind Seriously!

Why Did Micah Get Upset?

Paul also said in a post wedding video that he couldn’t picturise Micah as a mother. Micah was very hurt after hearing this from someone she wanted to marry.

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On reunion day, Micah revealed that why she wanted to know Paul’s answer first is because she never wanted a life where she would have thoughts like he says yes because she said yes. However, Paul said he would have still said no even if Micah said yes.

Are Micah and Paul Still Together?

About Micah And Paul

Micah Lussier is a 27-year-old marketing manager. She told Netflix that She wants a fairy-tale type of love and wants to be with someone who is career-oriented as well as smart.

Paul Peden, 29, is an environmental scientist. He is quite active on social media.

The Love Triangle In The Show

Micah’s best friend in the pods was Irina and Irina made a shocking statement in the show by revealing that she’s more physically attracted to Paul than she is to her own partner Zack.

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Micah got very upset over it and could not tolerate this love triangle. However, Paul makes it clear to Micah that he isn’t interested in her friend, Irina.

Has Micah Ever Get Married?

On a TikTok video Micah was wearing a ring on her finger. It was looking like a wedding ban. A fan noticed this and commented, assuming she got married but she replied, “It’s on my right hand “. She has never got married.


Micah and Paul gained recognition after being the participants of Love Is Blind. When the show started, both seem to be interested in each other, even though they have shown interest in other people too. At the alter, Paul said “NO” to marry Micah, breaking her heart into million pieces. He stated he loves Micah but is unsure about the relationship. Although the duo dated after the wedding day in the show but ended their relationship.

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