Are Laurel and Nicole Still Together After the Challenge: All Stars?



Beloved fans of the reality television competitive series, “The Challenge: All Stars,” are always curious to know the love life intricacies between Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta as they captured the attention of the media due to their romantic bond. This article explores their current status their connection and the developments since the season ended.

Who Are Laurel and Nicole?

Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta are the cast members on “The Challenge: All Stars. Laurel” season 4. Laurel is recognized for her fierce competitive spirit on television reality series. Masses like her presence on the show as individuals worldwide believe that she was one of the strongest female contestants in the series’ history.

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Meanwhile, Nicole Zanatta is a famous firefighter and athlete. He was able to stand among all the contestants in cut-throat competition. He won the hearts of millions of viewers because of his significant impact on the competition. Their on-screen romance, strategic partnership, and genuine connection captivated the attention of the audience.

are laurel and nicole still together

How Did the Challenge’s Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta Meet?

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On The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions’s set location, Nicole met Laurel. The show was filmed in the fall of 2016. At that time, Nicole was appearing on the show for the first time. In the beginning, she was taking an interest in Cara Maria Sorbello but things did not work according to him because she was not interested.

Later on, she blossomed his friendship into a romance with Laurel. Surprisingly, it was Laurel’s first-ever relationship with any woman. Before proceeding further, take a look at the current relationship status of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Are they still Hollywood’s hottest couple?

Did Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta Split?

On Ex on the Peak, which premiered in December 2019, Nicole and Laurel addressed the reasons behind their breakup. She explained that during the relationship, she caught Nicole cheating on her as she was chatting with someone else. She asked her for the true explanations of everything that she was hiding from her.

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In 2018, Nicole officially confirmed their split publically by revealing the reasons for her cheating matter. In the journey of their splitting, distance played a crucial role as Laurel was living in Montana and Nicole was in New York. It is true that by the end of their relationship, they both were fighting all the time.

The filming of the competition reality television series is done, they did not decide to get back together and maintain distance from one another. Do not miss out on reading: Is the relationship between Egypt and Sam still going strong in 2024?

Are Laurel and Nicole Still Together?

Unfortunately, their apparent reconciliation was short-lived. By early 2024, it became clear that Nicole and Laurel were no longer together as they engaged in a social media feud. Their relationship does not long last much as it seems in the beginning of developing meaningful connection.

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The conflict began in January when Nicole posted a photo with her new partner, captioning it, “This is what a healthy relationship looks like.” Cheating is the predominant cause of the ending of their relationship.

What Are the Reasons Behind Nicole and Laurel’s Split?

are laurel and nicole still together

During the social media war between them both, Laurel was disappointed because Nicole was unfaithful to her as she cheated on her to chat with somebody else secretly. She wrote in a now-deleted comment on Nicole’s post, “Hope you’re not secretly cheating on her too.”

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Nicole replied, “Thank you, she doesn’t have a tendency to get UNHINGED, or a THIEF (a person who steals another person’s property, especially by stealth and without using force or violence) than [sic] proceeds to play phone tag and I was never the type to kiss and tell but you like comparing notes with an ex-fiancé and how old are you.”

Laurel justified, “I’m sorry I walked away with your cell phone in my pocket after I found out you were hooking up with Jakk’s sister at Jakk’s wedding trip in Italy that I brought you to after you had sat me down and asked me to be exclusive. You haven’t changed, you never will and you deserve everything that comes your way as a result.” Check out, Tonesa Welch and Terry’s relationship status despite the odds in 2024.


To wrap up everything, Nicole and Laurel are not together in 2024. They were separated because of the increasing conflicts between them. Just because of those challenges, they are unable to maintain their relationship. The reason behind their split is that Laurel caught Nicole cheating as she was texting someone else secretly.

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