Kyle and Deepti of Love is Blind, Finally Confirm They Are Dating!



If you watched Love Is Blind: After the Altar, you may be wondering:  Are Deepti and Kyle dating , and if yes, then where they are today?

Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams were season 2 contestants. Love Is Blind aired on Netflix in February 2020 and follows 30 men and women over 10 days as they speed-date in “Pods” During the 10 days, couples can elect to get engaged sight unseen. After the proposal, the couples meet face-to-face and vacation in Mexico, where they get to know each other and meet other couples. After the trip, the couples, who reside in the same city, move into an apartment together and plan for their nuptials. At the altar on their wedding days, couples must decide whether to marry or break up and answer if love is blind.

Love Is Blind is one of Netflix’s highest-rated shows, with 30 million views in its first two months.

“Everyone wants to be liked for who they are within. Everyone wants to be appreciated for who they are, regardless of where they live, how they appear, how old they are, their background, their class, or their social structure, creator Chris Coelen said in 2020. Today we have dating apps and technology to find love. People feel disposable because of these things. People think everything is superficial. It backfires. How might we convince people to focus on connecting with others if we took away their devices?

Coelen told Variety that Love Is Blind’s bonds were founded on choice, making them stronger. “It was terrifying because nobody had to do anything, unlike Married at First Sight, where you sign up and marry a stranger. Nobody did anything. If you choose. Scary! He stated they don’t have to marry. Could love transcend real-world judgement if they found someone? That’s a great question. We wanted to study this.

Deepti and Kyle didn’t date on Love Is Blind season 2, but started dating after breaking up with their Love Is Blind companions, Shake and Shaina (who broke up with Kyle after their honeymoon). Deepti and Kyle confirmed their love in September 2022. Are season 2’s Deepti and Kyle still together? Learn about their relationship and where they are now.


are kyle and deepti dating

What Happened to Deepti and Kyle After the Second Season of Love Is Blind?

Are Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams still together? True. Kyle told People in September 2022 that he and Deepti are still together after confirming their love in Love Is Blind: After the Altar. “I put myself under so much strain because I didn’t want to fail,” Kyle told People why he and Deepti didn’t date until After the Altar. I hesitated because she’s my best buddy. If it fails, you lose the friendship. You always have to consider about what occurs after a breakup, and I wasn’t planning one.

“I’ve dated my best buddy and then broken up,” he added. It’s unfair to your future partner to keep seeing that individual. My present girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend shouldn’t hang around. Weird. Nobody would enjoy that.”

Kyle admitted that losing Deepti as a friend was “holding me back” from dating her, but he told People that their friendship hasn’t changed. After that, he felt like they were dating. We met daily. Hours passed. Everyone helped. She’d met my family, so it wasn’t odd.” Kyle also highlighted how off-camera dating helped him and Deepti. During After the Altar’s break, they saw each other daily. “Christmas was COVID for us. Together. I, her sister. Excellent! It was a memorable Christmas.” Continuing, “It’s so bonding. One week just you three. We were alone. Nothing opened. You were stuck.”

Figuring It Out

Deepti said in March 2022 that she and Kyle were “figuring out” their relationship. She told Kyle, “We’re figuring it out.” Few people know The Pods had a close bond. Kyle said in the Love Is Blind season 2 reunion, “I should have asked Deepti to marry me.” “I should’ve tried harder for you,” he said. She’s amazing. I wish I’d seen what was in front of me.”

Deepti “struggled” to pick between Kyle and Shake in The Pods, she told Elite Daily. She was torn between Shake and Kyle. She said, “We’re just figuring things out.” Our plates are full. “We’ll see

are kyle and deepti dating

Who’s Deepti from the Second Season of Love Is Blind?

Chicago native Deepti is a 31-year-old data analyst. Instagram: @lifewithdeeps “Two cultures intertwined into one soul,” her Instagram bio says. After being cast in Love Is Blind season 2, Deepti uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram with the remark, “I would tell the love of my life I’m ready to light up his life because my name means light.” She captioned the photo, “For all my relatives and friends asking when I’ll marry… See whether I find love on FEB 11 @loveisblindnetflix.”

According to Linkedin, Deepti has worked for All State since 2019. 2014 was her first year as a business analyst. Before her current career, Deepti was a Mediacom commercial sales and retention associate and coordinator intern in 2012. She worked as a case worker aide for Lutheran Senior Services and an insurance intern for State Farm. 2013 Bradley University graduate with a BA in psychology and a minor in business management.

Who’s Kyle from the second season of Love Is Blind?

Kyle is a 29-year-old glazier from Chicago. Instagram: @kyleabrams10. His Instagram bio says “Chicago.” Kyle posted a Love Is Blind season 2 headshot and quote on Instagram after being cast. Will Kyle find love behind the wall or punch through it? February 11th on @netflix @loveisblindnetflix!

So now we can say that yes they are both (Deepti and Kyle) dating and is now in a relationship.