Are Joey and Kariselle Still Engaged? What Happened Between Them In Perfect Match?


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Looking for an update on if are Joey and Kariselle still engaged. Read on to find out if the couple is still together and planning to tie the knot or if they’ve called off the engagement.

Are Joey and Kariselle Still Together Each Other?

Joey and Kariselle have ended their relationship. Despite their love and respect for each other, they ultimately decided to separate. They have now come to the realization that they are better off apart. Nevertheless, they both value their friendship and are willing to work on it moving forward.

Why Joey and Kariselle  Might Have Broken Up?

Joey and Kariselle decided to end their relationship after the first season of The Perfect Match. During an interview with Tudum in March 2023, Joey disclosed that the main reason for their breakup was due to living in different locations.


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According to Joey, the challenge of trying to align their schedules while being apart ultimately put a strain on their relationship. Despite their relationship on the show being “perfect,” Joey explained that they both respected each other enough to walk away from the situation and give each other time and space.
He went on to say that they both have intense feelings for each other, which made their highs very high, but their lows equally as low. They have realized, however, that they are better off as friends, However, Joey has not told explicitly what went wrong

Joey and Kariselle Were Dating Each Other Before Perfect Match

This wasn’t the first time that Joey and Kariselle had broken up. Prior to their appearance on Perfect Match, they had already dated and discussed their past when they joined the show.

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At the time, Kariselle had visited Los Angeles to spend time with Joey. Although they had a good time together, Joey wasn’t prepared to commit to a relationship. They continued to date on and off for a while until they eventually went their separate ways. It wasn’t until their reunion on Perfect Match that they decided to give their relationship another chance.

What Happened Between Them In Perfect Match?

In the first episode of Perfect Match, Joey and Kariselle discussed their past relationship, and initially, Kariselle appeared hesitant to give Joey another chance. However, she also considered the possibility that being reunited on the show could be fate.

When Joey expressed his love for her, Kariselle agreed to be his match, and they have been together since the first episode, despite Kariselle receiving a kiss from another contestant, Chase. Throughout the show, they continued to choose each other at the end of each episode.

Are Joey and Kariselle Still Engaged

In the following episodes, Joey asked Kariselle to not only be his match in the house but also his girlfriend, and she happily accepted. Then, in the last two episodes of the show, Joey proposed to Kariselle, and they became engaged in the finale.

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Unfortunately, Joey and Kariselle appear to have broken up, and there will be no wedding bells in their future. Joey revealed the news to People, saying that while he still loves Kariselle, their relationship was not meant to be

He further stated that he would always love and respect Kariselle, and they both spoke highly of each other. Although it is disappointing that things did not work out between them, we can only hope that they are both doing well.

Joey Talks About His Breakup And Addresses Rumors

In a separate interview with Variety in March 2023, Joey shared that he and Kariselle did everything they could to stay together before ultimately deciding to break up. He acknowledged that relationships are complicated and personal, making it difficult to discuss exactly what went wrong.

Despite having a lot in common, they had differences that separated them in terms of what they wanted and how they felt about each other. Joey referred to this chapter in his life as being over.

Joey also addressed speculation from viewers that his and Kariselle’s relationship was fake for the show. He vehemently denied this, saying that not being together proves how real their relationship was. He also mentioned that he is not someone who would fake something for a show.

Joey And Kariselle’s Amicable Breakup

Furthermore, Joey confirmed that he and Kariselle have a respectful relationship and share a similar attitude towards each other.

Are Joey and Kariselle Still Engaged

Joey emphasized that he never intended to hurt Kariselle intentionally and that sometimes, a new relationship might feel great initially, but eventually, it may not be the right fit.

For Now, Jey Wants To Keep His Life  Private

Regarding his current relationship status, Joey declined to comment and said that he had dated and talked to people, but he didn’t want to disclose any details about it to the public.

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