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Are Gil and Myrla Still Together? Get to Know All Details of This ‘ Married at First Sight’ Couple!

Are Gil and Myrla Still Together?

Couple from Married at First Sight, Gil Cuero and Myrla Feria did not have a smoother journey on their controversial marriage experiment. Now many have wondering that, Are Gil and Myrla still together? So here we are going to reveal the status of Gil and Myrla relationship.

Despite of having major differences, the 13th season pair agreed to have future together of Decision Day. Keep scrolling down to get to know more about Gil and Myrla’s roller coaster journey in their relationship. Therefore check out Are Gil and Myrla Still Together?

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Does Gil and Myrla Shared Opposite Viewpoints?

When it came to their lifestyles, it was clear that Gil and Myrla had different stances, since their wedding day. The duo was matched by the experts which is based on their strong belief in family values. However their viewpoint on money couldn’t have been any more different. Let’s discover Are Gil and Myrla Still Together? in this post

Gil was not motivated by money and did not mind living a simpler life whereas Myrla worked hard and enjoyed the finer things.

Myrla also expressed concern that she was not instantly attracted to Gil, but her interest in him eventually grew.

Moreover, the most Lifetime viewers thought that this relationship was destined to fail but the couple shocked the Married at First Sight fans by choosing to stay together on Decision Day. So Are Gil and Myrla Still Together? check out further.

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Are Gil and Myrla Still Together?

Initially, the pair has decided to not break up on Decision Day. However their relationship lasted less than 14 days after the cameras left

“I was blindsided with how everything went down,” Gil explained to the experts during the Married at First Sight reunion in November 2021. “Obviously, she felt a certain way and I never knew it. I didn’t know it until it was actually over.”

While Myrla denied that it was just finances that led to their breakup, the leadership coach told the panel, “For me, there were things that occurred after Decision Day where I didn’t feel that I could feel safe with him to make financial decisions for us in our future.”

Trailer –

Enjoy the trailer of Married at First Sight reality show below –

Gill Was Heartbroken Over the Separation and Claims He Was Blindsided –

At the 13th season reunion special, Gill shocked the host and audiences when he announced the duo were no longer together. Gil told he sold his belongings and moved into a shared apartment with Myrla for their marriage.

However, after two weeks, he claims that Myrla came home and told him that she did not love him and wanted a divorce.

In an interview with Reality Tv with Bee, Myrla spilled the beans on everything in her first interview post reunion, in regards to Gil feeling blindsided, she says its simply not true.

“I was open and honest. Unfortunately, the viewers don’t get to see the entirety of the conversations that we had off-camera,” she said. In the end, she says what the two wanted and where they were in their lives was not the same.

“The rest of the conversation that you didn’t get to see with experts and Gil was, ‘Ultimately my emotions showed me that our life aspirations and our values, coupled with a lack of financial stability, were not aligned,’” she explained. “I was in a place where I felt disconnected [and said], ‘I shared my concerns but you shut me down and dismissed my feelings in a disrespectful manner.’”

What Does Myrla Explained About Gil’s Finances?

The important subject of split between Gil and Myrla, outside of intimacy was finances. Gil and Myrla both made a good living. Gil is a fire fighter whereas Myrla is a leadership coach.

On the matter of finances Myrla said that –

“I was not willing to compromise on God-fearing or financial stability, meaning someone who knew how to manage their finances and was in a financially similar place as me (healthy savings, investments, retirement, spends within their means),” she explained. “I ideally wanted someone who was in a similar financial position as I was.”

Unfortunately, Myrla says she found that Gil did not reveal everything about his finances until after Decision Day. On the reunion, Gil said that he actually earns $100 more per pay check than Myrla.

“I became aware of some things post-decision day that I was not okay with,” she said. “Gil and I had multiple conversations about this and how it made me feel. He did not see or acknowledge his actions/behavior in a way that was conducive to trust/respect in a marriage. There was some dishonesty I discovered, as well. All of these things led to me making the decision to end the marriage.”

What Are Other Issues Between Myrla and Gil?

Another issue for Myrla was Gil’s constant teasing to her. Though on the show she was seen ok with them joking with one another, she confronts that she was not ok with some comments. So now we have conclusion for our main question that is Are Gil and Myrla Still Together?

Often Gil teased her about her being bougie pr a princess and high maintenance.

“I was trying for this to not be an issue, but it got to a point where it did bother me. Reflecting back, I could have done a better job of telling him to not call me those names more clearly,” she said. “I usually am not bothered by it. However, I was bothered to learn that he was also saying these things to others while I was not present. He did not disclose this to me and as you saw, I never called him names.”

Myrla continued: “I can describe behaviors I don’t like, but resorting to name-calling is not something I expected going into this process. It was a new experience for me and an immature way for him to communicate.”

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