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Are Emma and Micah Still Together? Get to Know More About the Selling Sunsets Alums!!

Are Emma and Micah Still Together?

Emma is one of the real estate agents in the reality show Selling Sunset and she met Micah on the show and it left plenty of fans wondering that Are Emma and Micah still together? We are here to let you know all the details about the relationship status of Emma and Micah. So read out this entire article to get to know more.

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Are Emma and Micah Still Together?

Now, it’s a trend that there are plenty of reality dating shows and it gives us a peek into their relationships and such kind of reality shows are always preferred by so many people. In recent times one of the most famous reality show is Selling Sunset.

This show is about several real estate brokers who are dealing from Los Angeles and Emma Henan is one among the Oppenheim Group. In the fifth season we have got to know that Emma met Micah who are popular developers.

Right from their first meet it was quite obvious that there was a spark between two of them. In the show it was confirmed that Micah and Emma both felt same for each other. Emma also gave a statement that she usually doesn’t flirt with her client but she couldn’t stop herself when it comes to Micah.

Are Emma and Micah Still Together

The duo were having a blooming romance in the show and now fans are wondering that Are Emma and Micah still together? So we are here to let you know about the relationship status of Emma and Micah.

Selling Sunset Star Emma Confirms That She is Still Dating Micah –

Currently, we are watching the fifth season of Selling Sunset and we have got to know that Emma got the chance to work with a property developer Micah and right from the beginning they hit off. Both of them have expressed how they are attracted to each other.

Emma describer Micah as a most attractive, successful and confident man. Moreover, both of them decide to not to label their relationship and Emma said that –

“I’ve done the long-distance thing for so long that it would be nice to have a relationship where they’re in the same, at least, state. Obviously, it’s progressed a little bit [from where season 5 ends]. We’ve become closer. But it’s right about there. So, we’ll see. Maybe season 6, there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?”

Who is Emma Hernan?

Emma is a famous star when is comes to real estate and she is also the CEO of a food industry. Initially, Emma used to work as model and a babysitter. Since from the young age she invested a lot in stocks and she was looking for a house while working with Brett and Jason Oppenheim. In an interview Emma said that –

Are Emma and Micah Still Together

“From the moment that I met Jason and Brett and everyone, started looking at real estate and then was involved in the office, we were hanging out all the time. So, the majority of the weekends we were doing stuff together.”

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Who is Micah McDonald?

Micah McDonald works as a property developer and in the show we have got to know that, he is currently working on a 10k square foot house in Beverly Hills. Right from the beginning Micah was attracted to Emma.

Micah has eight siblings and also has a home in Los Angeles. Micah owns a mescal bar, Sagrado Mecaleria and it is located at Awater Village. At the same time Emma also thinks that Micah is quite handsome and successful person.

What is Selling Sunset Show?

Selling Sunset is a famous reality show and it premiers on Netflix. This show is about the Oppenheim Group and it is a real estate company. The first season of Selling Sunset was released on 21st March 2019.

Right now the show is running for its fifth season and it was released on April 2022. If you want to watch this show then you need to subscribe for Netflix. However, before that you can watch out the trailer of Selling Sunset show in given below video.

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