Are Damian And Giannina Still Together 2022?



In this article, we will discuss the topics like, Are Damian And Giannina Still Together 2022? Know everything about Damian Powers and Gianna Gibelli and their relationship. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

After a lot of ups and downs while they were on the dating show, in quarantine in 2020, and on the set of Love Is Blind: After the Altar, where Damian’s careless invitation led to some jaw-dropping cameos by famous people, the two broke up.

Even though the reunion special didn’t answer a lot of questions about where they are now, Giannina recently told the truth about it.

“Damian and I haven’t gone out on a date in a while. I have moved forward. I’m in a great mood right now. I can say without a doubt that I’m in a great place right now. In August of 2021, she told ET.

Since we now know who Gianinna’s new lover is, at least one of them is doing a good job of moving on. Here’s what happened to the most popular couple on the show; a breakup seemed inevitable given the circumstances.

Are Giannina And Damian Still Together in 2022?

Because Damian said he didn’t want to get married on the Love is Blind show three years ago, the couple decides to end their relationship.

After he turns down Giannina at the altar, the fans seem to want Damian to go to the party with his ex-girlfriend Francesca Farago in the reunion episode.

Giannina and Damian were one of the couples who got married in 2020. When Damian didn’t show up for the wedding, Giannina was crushed and ran away, falling in the dirt and ruining her dress.

are damian and giannina still together 2022

Damian And Giannina’s Relationship At A Glance

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli ran into some problems along their journey. They had planned to get married on Love Is Blind in 2019, but they changed their minds.

Still, they were able to leave the show as a committed couple with plans to make their relationship better. In 2020, when they were in quarantine, they spent time together and worked to make their relationship stronger. In the end, things like a reality TV peer got in the way.

Giannina Gibelli And Damian Powers

Strong pairs Damian and Giannina were able to get to the altar, but they missed the ceremony. Even though their relationship had a lot of ups and downs, both of them seemed to be in a good place and were good dates.

Since they said they were breaking up on the Love is Blind show in 2020, their love seems to be long-term.

When he met the actress Francesca Farago from the show Too Hot to Handle, the two of them started to fight. Fans wondered if the two would stay together or break up.

Giannina Milday Gibelli’s Background

Giannina Milday Gibelli was born and raised in the Venezuelan city of Caracas. Not much is known about her family, which is a shame. Also, it’s not clear if she has any other siblings. We do know that Gibelli got her first taste of fame when she was on “Love is Blind,” a hit reality show on Netflix. On this show, people who are single try to find a partner without ever meeting. So, contestants on the show, like Gibelli, try to avoid physical attraction and focus instead on making an emotional connection.

are damian and giannina still together 2022

Gibelli went to college and got a degree in advertising and public relations from the University of Central Florida. She then got a job as a retail consultant, where she taught people how to sell hair care products to customers. In 2020, things changed, and “Love is Blind” was Gibelli’s first show in the world of reality TV. On the show, she was called an entrepreneur and a small business owner. She also gave a few hints about what she did for a living on the show, but she never came right out and said what she did. But Internet users quickly found her LinkedIn page and saw that she had worked as a social media consultant in the past.

She is a strong presence on social media, with more than 1 million followers. Gibelli also sells her stuff on “Fanjoy,” an e-commerce site for the most popular people on social media. Gibelli also calls herself a “soulpreneur” on her Instagram page, but it’s not clear what that means.

About Damian Powers

Damian Powers is an American reality star and TV personality who works in TV. Also, Damian Powers is known for his part in the first season of “Love Is Blind,” a Netflix show. The first episode of the show will air on Netflix on February 13, 2020.

Damian Powers Biography

Damian Powers was born on June 15, 1991, in the United States. He is 30 years old right now. He also grew up in Heidelberg, Germany. He is also of American and German descent. He is a Christian and was born under the sign of Gemini. Also, this man hasn’t told the public about his parents and siblings yet.

are damian and giannina still together 2022

Damian Powers Education

He hasn’t told anyone about the schools he went to or what he learned. We can assume that this man went to a well-known American university and got a degree from there.

His Career

When he first started working, he was a manager in an industrial company. He started his career in September 2004 as an Operations Manager at Five Star Food Service, where he stayed until March 2017. He was the general manager from March 2017 to September 2019. He has been a market manager since September 2019. He also works for Brawl For A Cause, a non-profit group.

After being in the first season of the Netflix show “Love Is Blind,” Damian became well-known. The first episode of the show will air on Netflix on February 13, 2020. Jessica Batten, Carlton Morton, Amber Pike, Kelly Chase, Diamond Jack, Matt Barnett, and Cameron Hamilton were some of the 30 people who tried out. Nick and Vanessa Lachey are in charge of the show. On the show, he was paired with another contestant named Giannina Gibelli.

Giannina Gibelli’s first job was as an expert in social media. She worked at GotChosen Inc. for 5 months before. Then, from April 2014 to April 2015, she worked as an executive secretary at the University of Central Florida, where she had gone to school.

She also worked at “Brandmovers” for almost a year as a business development coordinator and social media expert. Before going into the entertainment business, she worked as a freelance consultant at Trending LLC for more than a year. In 2020, “Love Is Blind,” a reality show, was her first time on TV.

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