Are Colby and Madlyn Still Together and Were They Expecting While Filming


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We have all information about the information that is Colby and Madlyn are still together. The first season of The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On was difficult for Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger, but since getting married at the end of the season, they haven’t been better. Early in 2022, when Madlyn and Colby first featured on Netflix’s The Ultimatum, Colby was prepared to marry Madlyn, but Madlyn wasn’t sure she wanted to. Colby teamed up with Jack Cunningham‘s ex-girlfriend April Marie when the ensemble of The Ultimatum had the opportunity to exchange partners as a result of the experiment, while Madlyn resided with Randall Griffin, who is still dating Shanique Imari.

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Fans of The Ultimatum didn’t anticipate Colby and Madlyn to click with April and Randall, despite the fact that they never really seemed to. When Colby hooked up with another lady off-camera, he put himself into serious difficulty while seeming committed to Madlyn. Viewers felt Madlyn was passive-aggressive and acted disinterested in Colby, particularly when she was intoxicated. Despite the obstacles, Madlyn and Colby were wed in the season 1 finale of The Ultimatum, which was shot in the spring of 2021. Madlyn and Colby surprised The Ultimatum viewers shortly after the season finale aired in April 2022 when they made Madlyn’s pregnancy known during the reunion. Where do Colby and Madlyn stand right now?

Madlyn & Colby Welcomed Their Daughter In May 2022

The married couple said that after the delivery, all of their fellow Ultimatum cast members emailed their congratulations and hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey also sent them “an extraordinary care package” filled with baby clothes and other items. Following the conclusion of The Ultimatum, the couple announced the child a year after being married.

Are Colby and Madlyn Still Together

They were one of the greatest revelations of the season since they had different views on marriage. She didn’t seem certain, whereas he appeared certain that she was the one for him. She and her pals remarked on how much more they favored her trial partner Randall Griffin throughout the course of the season.Colby and Madlyn momentarily split up in the epilogue when he appeared to hold her responsible for his dealings with a club girl. Fans didn’t anticipate the pair to attend the reunion, much less show up a year later while still married and heavily pregnant.

Madlyn Previously Denied Being Pregnant While Filming

Madlyn’s appearance at the reunion confused numerous viewers who believed she may have been expecting while filming because she looked seven months pregnant.

The reality TV actress, however, dispelled the claims on her Instagram story by sharing a copy of a report indicating the exact day the cast filmed the season. According to the article, filming for the Netflix dating series started in Austin, Texas, in March 2021, and the contestants returned for the reunion nearly a year later, in February 2022.

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Madlyn posted a text to the conversation stating that she and Colby were wed in May 2021 and that they expect to give birth to a child in late April or early May 2022. She wasn’t pregnant during filming because the pair probably got pregnant four months after their wedding, which was in August 2021.

Colby Shared Footage of Their ‘Second Wedding’ to His Instagram story

Colby offered to Madlyn during the finale, and they got married right away, although it wasn’t a legally binding union. In order to legally wed, they headed to a courthouse the next day. In April 2022, a week after the reunion premiered, Colby posted an “unseen” video of their wedding on his Instagram page. The one-minute clip showed the happy pair entering the courtroom hand-in-hand to get married, set to Pastis’ “Give It All Up.”

Are Colby and Madlyn Still Together

Before a judge presented them with their certificates, which they proudly displayed in several pictures, the couple got married, with rings, and kisses. Additionally, Colby shared the video on his Instagram story, saying, “Check out our wedding reception and stay tuned for the third (Colby’s fantasy wedding),” along with additional context. Netflix has a streaming version of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.

Family Business of Madlyn and Colby

When Madlyn and Colby attended Colby’s sister’s wedding in September, they appeared closer than ever as a close-knit Texas family. Followers of The Ultimatum can find Colby either out on a ranch or at his family’s establishment, Bankhead Texas Wine Bar when his Instagram isn’t filled with images of Madlyn and Josie. Bankhead Texas Wine Bar, which is outside of Fort Worth, Texas, debuted just before Colby and Madlyn appeared on The Ultimatum in late February 2022.

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Only Madlyn and Colby were wed during The Ultimatum season 1; however, two other couples exchanged vows off-screen: Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggs and antagonists Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr. Although the program has drawn comparisons to the Nick and Vanessa Lachey-hosted social experiment Love Is Blind, Netflix declared that The Ultimatum season 2 would premiere in March 2022 with a cast that was primarily made up of LGBTQ+ women. The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On may have put Madlyn and Colby’s romance to the test, but as of November 2022, the couple has remained one of Netflix’s few success stories.