Are Clayton and Susie Still Together and Everything Else


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Wait for a second… Susie Evans, a contestant from season 26, and The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard remain together? Despite appearing to be in good health, the couple provided a tragic update in September 2022. Susie added, “If you feel like you’re in love with me, it doesn’t make sense to sleep with someone else,” as the future couple continued to argue. Clayton responded, “I promised myself going into this that I wouldn’t fall in love with numerous ladies, but it’s occurred.

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There was no going back in time, despite the fact that Clayton said he would have acted differently if he had known it would “be a deal-breaker” for Susie. Susie left while sobbing. Nevertheless, Susie did show up again for the last rose ceremony in the finale. Susie not only made a comeback to the show, but she also ended up being the lone contestant standing at the final rose ceremony following a fight involving Clayton, Rachel, and Gabby. Susie informs Clayton, “I have decided to leave Iceland alone. It was a painful decision.” “I’ve given this some thought, but I don’t think I’m your kind of guy, and I don’t think you’re mine.”

Did Clayton and Susie Get Engaged?

Clayton stated in After the Final Rose that he left Iceland and returned to “what I believed was my normal life” before Susie reconnected with him. Clayton remarked, “I was genuinely startled there might have been something that came from all of it.

Then Susie revealed their continued relationship. She said, “We’re incredibly thrilled, and we’re happy to be here today.” “That’s my boyfriend.”They “took a few steps back,” she acknowledged, but they are now in love and in a “serious” relationship. “I can state with certainty that he’s wonderful.”They acknowledged that they “might have done much better” and anticipated some negative feedback following the conclusion.

Are Clayton and Susie Still Together

Neil Lane was present, and Jesse teased that perhaps a proposal is on the way. Clayton responded that they currently have other plans. The last rose was then presented to her, and he asked whether she would like to take it. Clayton and Susie were still together by the summer of 2022. On social media, the couple was always fawning over one another. On July 10, Susie posted a cute video of Clayton helping her up at the grocery store, saying, “My granola game is upped due to @claytonechard and Clayton alone.”

Did Clayton and Susie Live Together?

In order to further their love, the couple revealed during After the Final Rose that they will be relocating to Susie’s hometown of Virginia Beach. They announced they were relocating again, but this time to multiple states, after just under a year on the east coast. During an August 17 episode on the podcast “Not Skinny But Not Fat,” Clayton stated, “I’m moving to Scottsdale, and she’s moving in the interim to L.A.” “Even though we are just a 50-minute flight apart, we are both pursuing our aspirations. We both agree, I believe, that those are the places we want to be geographic.

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The former football player stated that if it didn’t work out, they would get closer to one another but that it was something they were willing to attempt. We’re not sure if we’re going to enjoy traveling such a distance, he said. “People can perceive us as indications that they are divorcing. A little separation, in my opinion, never hurts.

Are Clayton and Susie From The Bachelor Still Together?

Clayton revealed to his family that he intended to make an effort to get Susie back during the season 26 finale of The Bachelor. “You’re clinging to thin air. That is over, over, and in the past. Her decision to walk was her own, Brian Echard, his father, counseled her at the time. The football player, though, maintained that he must try. He declared, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of woman.

The conflict between the couple started when the resident of Virginia Beach voiced grave worries regarding Clayton’s overnight dates with contestants Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. When Rachel was out on a date, she commented, “I didn’t even fully like, realize the seriousness of it until this moment. “I’m not sure if he can love more than one person at once.”

Are Clayton and Susie Still Together

“We know that no successful relationship comes without its problems, but we’ve recognized that we were not prepared for the external factors that inhibited our capacity to not only recover as individuals but also as a couple,” Susie continued, touching on what had happened between them. Both of us are committed to improving ourselves and being the best versions of ourselves possible.

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Following the conclusion of his season of The Bachelor in March, Clayton and Susie were married. When Susie exited the show before the conclusion, cameras were rolling. Clayton made an unexpected decision to pursue Susie’s return rather than award the final rose to finalists Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.