Are Chloe and Mitchell Still Together? Find Out The Timeline Of Their Romance!


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Looking for an update on are Chloe and Mitchell still together. Find out if their dating life and get the latest news on their romance. Chloe was first introduced to viewers in season 1 of the Netflix series Too Hot to Handle. She then went to The Circle and played the game as herself in episode 1 in an effort to win the cash.

Chloe and Mitchell Still With Each Other?

Chloe and Mitchell emerged as winners of the task and were granted the privilege of inviting two additional candidates to join them at the “Perfect Match” villa. Furthermore, they were given a private date to help nurture their relationship. However, Chloe had no idea that this exclusive time would lead to a major turning point in their relationship.

It was during this private date that Mitchell revealed his true intentions of not being ready for a committed relationship and expressed his desire to explore other options.

While Mitchell spoke, Chloe heard him mention that she had a pure heart and was very gorgeous, which were all qualities he looked for in a mate. He continued by saying that this feature of her appearance has given him issues in previous relationships.

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Afterward, Mitchell admitted that he didn’t aggressively pursue a relationship because he was still a young man and wanted to travel. Although he had previously been in a lot of relationships, none had been long-term. Mitchell prefers to put their personal wants first rather than making promises. They felt pressure and guilt from the other person, who appeared sincere in their want to proceed.

Are Chloe and Mitchell Still Together

Mitchell said he was not searching for a relationship right now since he wanted to be genuine and honest. Chloe made the decision to go without producing any drama or hostility since she didn’t want to waste any time with a person who didn’t share her opinions.

When Did Chloe And Mitchell First Met?

During their debut on The Circle’s second season on Netflix in 2021, Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason got to know one another for the first time. Veitch has previously competed on Too Hot to Handle and finished as a runner-up prior to The Circle.

On the other hand, Eason was excluded from the program just before the season finale. Eason regularly praised Chloe and showed interest in her while she was on the show, but Chloe was more attracted to Trevor, who turned out to be a catfish.

Did Chloe And Mitchell Date After The Circle?

Chloe Veitch revealed to Cosmopolitan in May 2021 that she and Eason had remained close even after the end of the show. With Chloe residing in Essex and Eason in California, their distance posed a problem. They were quite fond of one another, she said, but their relationship did not have a name because of the distance.

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Chloe commended Eason in an interview with Bustle, saying that he makes her feel good about herself and pumps her up when they talk. They finally started dating and had a seven-month relationship.

Mitchell Eason And Chloe Veitch Kissed At The Circle Wrap Party

Chloe Veitch talked about her relationship with Mitchell in an interview with OK!, revealing that they had kissed at the wrap party following the conclusion of the show. She agreed that they were very different individuals, with her more likely to curse out loud while he was more subdued. Chloe appeared uncertain about their future together and whether Mitchell could stand her in the long term.

Did Chloe Veitch And Mitchell Eason’s Families Approve?

Before making her connection with Mitchell Eason public, Chloe Veitch gave a subtly hint about it to a British publication. She said they weren’t dating yet, but she was going to go see him in America. Chloe had already won Mitchell’s mother’s support as a girlfriend who thought highly of her.

Are Chloe And Mitchell still together


Chloe added that when she watched Mitchell on television, her grandma was delighted, especially when he mentioned that he was a virgin. According to Chloe’s grandmother, Mitchell is the kind of guy Chloe should be dating.

Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason Reunited In Perfect Match

After reuniting on Perfect Match, where they had a touching and passionate date, Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason made the decision to restart their relationship. Chloe told the cameras that she thought they had a particular connection in the past and that it wouldn’t hurt to look into it once again.

Mitchell, 24, revealed on the show that he had originally intended to cause mayhem in the villa but changed his mind after meeting Chloe because he realized what he really wanted.

Mitchell Doesn’t Want Anything Serious

The status of Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason’s relationship has drawn attention from many admirers. The couple had ups and downs after first meeting on The Circle, including a breakup because of Mitchell’s personal problems. Although they were no longer romantically involved, they stayed close and later reconnected on Perfect Match.

There, they went on an emotional date and decided to try again. But Mitchell doesn’t want to get committed for now. Only time will tell if Chloe and Mitchell are genuinely meant to be together, even though their families and supporters appear to support them.

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