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Are Chinese restaurants open on Christmas day? Get to where you can have amazing food on Christmas day!!


Aditi Deshinge

Everyone loves to spend more time with family instead of with the oven timer on the day of Christmas. Moreover it has also become a tradition for many families to eat Chinese food on Christmas day. Therefore if you guys are wondering about Are Chinese restaurants open on Christmas day?  Then we have made a list of Chinese restaurants which are open on Christmas day so keep rolling and read out this entire article.

So yes Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas day. Check out the list further.

  1. China Family –

We were so happy to get to know that this highland institution will be open on Christmas day for take away. Their fried green peas are truly amazing in taste so this year you guys must try this one with your family.

  1. Kona Grill –

Kona Grill stays open on Christmas day since past years, therefore there is a good chance the chain will be open for dine in or takeouts dinner. Your family can enjoy traditional Chinese food over there with something different like miso beef short ribs.

Are Chinese restaurants open on Christmas day?

  1. Chilli House –

Chilli house is well known for having some of the best Peking duck in the city and we are sure are not going to leave Chilli house meal without satisfaction. You can fill up on appetizers like dumplings, spicy wontons and steamed pork.

  1. House of Pancakes –

If you cant get food from your own family then just order it from someone else’s. This is a small family run spot and it specializes in savory pancakes which are filled with beef or lamb. Moreover, their noodles too taste good.

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  1. House of Nanking –

It’s like a no-brainer that some of the best Chinese food comes from Chinatown and its affordable too. And it is truly something to celebrate. You will get numerous tasty dishes like Fang’s steamed buns, curry noodles soup, and salt and pepper pork chops for only at $15.

  1. Great eastern Restaurant –

You know guys you can consider it as a good restaurant when president eats there. In 2012, Obama cemented a legendary status of Great eastern when he ordered off the special dim sum menu. So can go to this restaurant on this holiday and can enjoy some deep fried red bean balls to the steamed shanghai dumplings.

Are Chinese restaurants open on Christmas day?

  1. Yank Sing –

When its regarding food, nothing is better than variety of options. At Yank Sing, you will get steamed dumplings, baked dumplings, grilled as well as fried dumplings. You can make dinner with honey walnut prawns, stuffed crab claw and many more.

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  1. Shanghai House –

Shanghai House consists of some crazy good lunch deals when it is not a holiday, but still you are in for whole lot of cash. You can kick off your meal with some salty pepper spare ribs which is followed by vegetarian goose or sweet sour pork and perhaps a honey glazed banana.

Are Chinese restaurants open on Christmas day?

  1. Dragon Beaux –

Dragon Beaux is very well known for extensive dim sum menu, Dragon Beaux isn’t one to miss. They even sometimes offer a pre-fix menu for about 6 to 10 people.

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