Are Charity lawson and Dotun olubeko Still Together?



In the realm of reality television shows, Love stories and various romantic endures have captured the audience’s attention. One particular couple of them is Charity and Dotun. Masses have witnessed the highs and lows in their journey. The relationship between Charity and Dotuns has caused many people to have various intriguing and burning questions in their minds like are Charity and Dotun still together or not.

Through this exploration, I have delved into the revelation of whether this reality TV romance has transcended the confines of the screen, answering the ultimate question: Are Charity and Dotun still together? Let’s take a deep dive into this post without wasting much time and effort.

When Did the Significance of Charity and Dotun’s Connection Truly Hit?

Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko have finally met on the ABC reality show for the first time and they got engaged. They both have put the insights of their love life intricacies in the spotlight through their Bachelorette where Lawson gave Olubeko her final rose on the season 20 finale on Aug. 21.

Through the digital platform sources as well as interviews, both have given their fans and audiences a hint of having a happy and healthy relationship as well as mutual understanding. The couple also revealed their love story and the history of the franchise’s first monoracial Black couple.

Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko

Lawson justified, “Once I and Dotun really started to solidify our connection and it became firm that this man very much could be my husband, I recognized the importance, but it really didn’t truly hit both of us until the end of the proposal,”. Olubeko adding, “It’s something that’s really beautiful.”

When Did Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko Officially Get Engaged?

Lawson and Olubeko publicly declared their engagement during The Bachelorette’s season 20 finale on national television, marking the occasion one month after their hometown date was broadcast. During the moment when Lawson presented Olubeko with the last rose, she attributed the inception of their blossoming relationship to their time together in Oceanside, California.

Reflecting on that significant moment, Lawson expressed, “That incredibly special moment we shared altered my life indefinitely. When I gazed into your eyes, I saw a man who respected, valued, and adored me a man I can cherish eternally.”Olubeko characterized their love as perfect and, expressing his commitment, he knelt and proposed with a ring adorned with three carats of diamonds.

Is Love Still in the Spotlight for Charity and Dotun?

To grasp all the insights as well as intricacies that are associated with the evidence stating that Charity and Dotun are still together, one may consider that, Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko continue to share their lives. They both are ready to share mutual bonding and build a connection of love with each other.

Their pictures posted on various social media platforms are the true evidence that can state that they are still together and planning various romantic upcoming weekends together. She also wrote one of her Instagram posts with him, “Within all my senses, I knew. How grateful am I to discover a love that cannot be replicated,”.

She added in the post, “This was in no way an easy journey. But through it all – grace. You have shown me, in the most healthy way, how to receive and love fully again. I cannot wait to take on this life with you. Here’s to living out our very own real-life fairytale!!! I love you”

Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko

Are Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko Engaged in Wedding Planning Discussions?

In a recent interview conducted especially on the love life of Lawson and Olubeko, they revealed all the insights associated with their engagements as well as their hope to move in together as soon as possible. They are both planning for their wedding and it will happen super soon.

They said that they both have not decided on the wedding date yet but it is estimated that Charity and Dotun will tie a knot in 2025 or 2026. She said, “We’re not trying to have a super incredibly 17-year length engagement,” She added, “We obviously came here to find love, and we have successfully done that. So [we’re] super happy to get our lives started.”


In the crux, The relationship of Charity and Dotun is in the spotlight as their social media profile is the predominant evidence which states that they are still together and day by day their relationship is stronger than before.

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