Are Big Ed and Liz Still Together? Unraveling the Dynamics of Big Ed and Liz Woods!



Big Ed Brown and Liz Wood are the star actors of 90 Days Fiancé. Big Ed Brown reveals to his fans and followers his love interest for Liz Wood. People are talking about them. They are a matter of conversation between people these days.

There are a lot of questions regarding the dating of both. They meet each other during the shooting of season 1 of the Discovery+ spinoff, 90 Day: The single life. They reconnect during season 2 and eventually announce their quick engagement. But are they still together after all the drama created by the.

if you want to know then, just scroll down and completely read this article. I have covered all the things regarding Big Ed Brown and Liz Wood through that post.

Big Ed Brown and Liz Wood From 90 Days Fiance: How Did They Meet?

Big Ed and Liz met each other at a local restaurant in San Diego, where she worked here as a manager. she actually owns the restaurant. Liz is a single Woman and has a young daughter. Ed and Liz started talking to each other, and initially, they become friends. They both work in 90 Days season 1 and during the premiere of 90 Days season 1, Ed decided for  Clear communication allows both of them to understand each other’s emotions, needs, and desires. so, Ed asked Liz for a date.

Big Ed and Liz Wood

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Ed and Liz Confirmed Their Separation on the Season 1 90 Day

At that time Liz appeared at the Tell-All show conducted by an interviewer Shaun Robinson. She expresses her emotions and feelings. She explained the whole story of the breakup. she disclose that Ed wanted to ruin their relationship when they actually became couples and start dating.

The next week she would meet his daughter and the forthcoming week she was going to meet his sister and his brother. She would not be

ready for that breakup but in the view of fact that she was thrown multiple times in the situation she can not handle it all alone.

It’s been a month since she introduce him to her grandparents. She never anticipated that they would reach this point, but they have come to the difficult conclusion that they should break up. Their paths have diverged, and they did not see a way for them to continue their journey together.

They both reveal their own problems that result in a breakup between them. They left their fans and followers in the note of suspense that maybe they both be together again and clear out all the things between them.

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Big Ed Brown Returns to 90 Days: the Single Life Season 2

Ed committed to healing and growing from the breakup with Liz Wood. After going through a rough time in his life. Ed Brown decided to go out with so many different girls in the hope of moving on with that breakdown that happen to him. In that girl’s, there is a girl named Kaory. His friend Laura set him up with her. He took his time for her and went to her country Mexico to meet her so that they can see each other face.

He knew that his and her life goals are different. she has her own way. Even through all they both tried to enjoy each other’s company.

then, suddenly he explained all the things about her in his episode that she ghosted him. She can not reply to him.

Big Ed and Liz Wood Get Back Together

Big Ed Wood failed in the journey of his love finding in Mexico. He returned to San Diego and his lovely dog died shortly after. In the Follow-up episode, he explained to everyone how lucky he was that he has friends and family who send him flowers. while his beloved dog named Teddy died.

One thing that caught the eye of everyone is that one flower is from Liz Wood. then, He ended up coming back to her again after all that happen. Maybe he understand who actually cared about him. This thing reignited their romance and led to an engagement.

Fans were shocked when they spotted that Big Ed Brown and Liz Wood were both clubbing in Santa Barbara, California. On that night Liz was wearing a diamond ring on his left-hand third finger and Ed reveal to everyone that she is his fiance.

Big Ed and Liz Wood

after all that they confirmed their engagement on November 2021, during an interview. He disclose that after his dog Teddy’s death in August, then he invited Liz for dinner at his home and they both talked about their relationship issues and problems together by putting important questions that really matter to each other for their marriage.

The question was “Am I your forever? ” by Wd to Liz. She said yes. Ed told her the whole story and she revealed that he did not waste any time to get down on his one ring with a diamond ring for her he bought.

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Big Ed Brown and Liz Wood Return for 90 Days Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

The couple encountered resistance from Ed’s relatives and significant issues of trust prior to their marriage, which were documented throughout the season. After Ed and Liz get back together, everyone was so shocked about that as well as they had a lot of questions regarding the arrival of Liz back in the life of Ed.

They both established trust for each other. They both agree for demonstrating honesty, integrity, and a genuine understanding of their concerns.  Ed told on the cameras August 2022, debut. Ed’s parents were so shocked.


Ed and Liz Both are currently happy with each other. Clear and open communication can help bridge any gaps and create a solid foundation of trust between them before embarking on the journey of marriage.

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