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Are Angus and Maude Dating: Real Life , Relationships

It turns out that Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow, who play Fez and Lexi on “Euphoria,” are also the prettiest couple off-screen, as well as on-screen. They enjoyed a date night on February 13, and Cloud posted two photographs of himself and Apatow on his Instagram Stories account. “A little NYC date,” he said in the caption of a photo of the two of them together. Cloud also included the hashtag “#Fexi” in reference to the ship name that the couple used for their “Euphoria” characters. On February 16, he shared another photo of himself and Apatow, in which they were both dressed in plaid ensembles by designer Thom Browne.

Are Angus and Maude Dating

During Sunday’s episode, we witnessed more growth in the relationship between Fez and Lexi, as they shared cannabis together, spoke about her play “Oklahoma,” and held hands while listening to Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me.” Apatow provided some behind-the-scenes images ahead of the premiere of episode five, including many with Cloud. “I really like you, Made,” he said. “Is this anything I should be concerned about?” quipped her father Judd Apatow in the comments section of the article. It’s not clear whether Apatow and Cloud are anything more than just acquaintances. In any case, we’re head over heels in love with their on-screen romance.

Are Maude Apatow and Angus Dating?

Actors Maude Apatow and Angus Cloud are well-known in their fields. Euphoria is a television series in which the two of them appear. Euphoria is a well-known American television series. It was written and directed by Sam Levinson for HBO. This series is based on the Israeli television miniseries of the same name, which was developed by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin and shown on Israeli television. Zendaya, the Spiderman female protagonist, appears in the television series.

The first episode of the series aired on June 16, 2019. The second season of the series was renewed in July 2019 and will be preceded by two one-hour specials that will air in December 2020 and January 2021. The second season began airing on January 9, 2022. There are a lot of intriguing topics that are introduced in this well-known series.

Maude Apatow and Angus Cloud have a terrific connection on the television show Euphoria, as we have witnessed in Season 2 Episode 6 of the series. It is seen in the episode that Lexi pays a visit to Fez at his house, where they discuss their favorite movies and become closer. The viewers of the sitcom are interested to know if Angus Cloud and Maude are indeed dating in the real world.

Angus shared some images on Twitter, which caused some of his followers to doubt everything. On his Instagram account, he shared a photo of him and Maude in New York City. They appeared to be on a date in the photograph since they were both smiling. “A little NYC date,” he writes in the caption of one of the photos, which he also uploaded.

Are Angus and Maude Dating?

Is there a romance between Maude Apatow and Angus? Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow, on the other hand, didn’t say anything about it. In order to establish that the two were genuinely together, there is insufficient proof. Given that Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow did not acknowledge their relationship, it is impossible to verify that they were dating at the time. The two, on the other hand, did not confirm or deny the claims.

It was the day before Valentine’s Day when Angus shared the photos. According to Apatow’s haircut, it appears that the photographs were taken after the two had done shooting. As a result, the two have not confirmed anything as of yet. According to some stories, Maude keeps her personal life hidden from the public, and Cloud has a female companion of some sort. Maude published a photo on her Instagram account.

Angus Girlfriend Real Life

Who is Angus Cloud dating at the moment? It has been reported that Angus Cloud has been dating Sydney Martin for quite some time now. She is a well-known American model who made her television debut in the first episode of the HBO MAX series’ second season. However, there is no confirmation at that time. Deuxmoi, who had received an anonymous tip, was the first to announce the identity of the duo.

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It alluded to Sydney Martin’s arrival in Euphoria season 2, and in episode 1 of that season, she spoke with Cloud’s on-screen brother, Ashtray, about their relationship. In addition, Sydney Martin hinted at the possibility of introducing a mystery character in a TikTok video that has since been removed. Cloud’s photo had been mirrored on her Instagram Story, which she had shared with her followers.

Is Angus Cloud And Maude Apatow dating off-screen too?

The fact that they spent a “intimate” supper together may have given another more indication to the relationship rumors that had already been circulating about them on-screen. Yes, Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow were photographed out to dinner in New York City with one other recently. Despite the fact that they were surrounded by a small group of pals, the two were observed getting intimate! A group of pals sat at a table next to them, and they appeared to be seated beside each other. While fans continue to speculate about whether or not Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow are dating, the two have yet to provide any explanation!

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A day before Valentine’s Day, Angus Cloud had uploaded images of himself with Maude Apatow on Instagram, which was a first for the actor. And it was the caption that really put the cherry on top of the cake. “A little New York City date,” Angus wrote. He had also used the hashtags Euphoria and Fexi in addition to his own. “Flexi” is a name that is a combination of the words “Fez” and “Lexi.” Strangely enough, following the broadcast of the second season of Euphoria, these hashtags are being traded on social media sites. For your knowledge, the series has been renewed for a third season, which will premiere in February 2022!

It appears that Angus Cloud is not currently involved in any form of romantic relationship at this time. And as far as Maude Apatow is concerned, she makes every effort to keep her mouth shut. Despite this, they were unable to keep themselves from becoming the subject of continuing rumor and speculation! Some Maude followers believe she is in a relationship with Lukas Gage, who they believe is her boyfriend.

On the other hand, some people claim that Angus is dating one of his co-stars from the HBO MAX series’ second season, who featured in the first episode of the season. The woman in question is none other than the well-known American model Sydney Martin. However, none of the parties has provided any official confirmation of their plans! For those who are fans of “Flexi,” however, there is something you might be interested in knowing. And for that, the following part is waiting for you!

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Here’s what Maude Apatow feels about her on-screen character

Are Angus and Maude Dating

Maude Apatow has said that she is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support they have received since the premiere of the series. She admitted that she was aware that people would enjoy it, but she had no idea that such a large number of individuals would be on the list of those who enjoyed their performance. Later, following her on-screen romance, she expressed her desire to see Fezco and Lexi’s relationship blossom. During her interview, she mentioned that she had spent hours talking about this with filmmaker Sam Levinson. In addition, Maude Apatow confessed that she and Angus Cloud have a hilarious friendship outside of the field of comedy!

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