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Are Alexis and Hunter Still Together? What Do We Know About This the Ultimatum Stars?

Are Alexis and Hunter Still Together?

The Ultimatum show had very complicated first season. However some couples made it down the aisle. Some are wondering Are Alexis and Hunter still together? Here we are going to tell you about this duo that we know so far. So keep on rolling this article to get to know more.

Alexis and Hunter Parr are now married. She spoke about what she expect from married life and he revealed if he has regrets doing the show.

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Do Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr Engage?

Yes, Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr are engaged on The Ultimatum show of Netflix. At the start of the show, the couples had to break up and date other cast members. The process designed to help stars to decide if they are ready to marry their original partner or finish things. So we have ultimate solution for your question of Are Alexis and Hunter Still Together? herehopefully.

Alexis gave Hunter an ultimatum after dating for couple of years. She refused to move in with him without solid plans for marriage. But she also struggled to make connection with other man. During the ceremony to pick a new partner, Hunter proposed Alexis.

“I know you gave the ultimatum, but I love you so much,” Hunter said. “You talked about clarity, and you talked about wanting to understand what I want and what I need. And this experience has showed me so clearly that I was just scared and I was using moving in together as a way to delay what I knew inside, and I’m not scared anymore.”

Therefore, they left the show early after that. But Alexis return back to have a bachelorette party with the cast.

What Does Alexis Says About Marriage?

Alexis and Hunter tied a knot on 18th June 2022 at Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes, California. In an interview the couple talked about their expectations from married life and said that –

“It’s no longer about Alexis. It’s Alexis and Hunter,” she said. “That’s the most exciting thing for me, is we’re doing everything together … tough times are going to come, but I have him.”

The couple talked about their experience on the reality show where they got engaged. “Personally, I am so happy that we didn’t go through the rest of the show,” Alexis admitted. “You could see that I came in wanting to marry Hunter from day one. It was really a struggle for me when I wasn’t able to connect with anyone else, but it reconfirmed the love that I had for Hunter.”

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Are Alexis and Hunter Still Together?

Yes! After getting engaged on the show, the pair is still together today. And they are now Instagram official so Alexi captioned in her snap that –

“Secret IS out. I get to marry my best friend! Truly the luckiest girl in the entire world. Forever thankful for the broken tv at Rustic Tap that led me to your table 🤍,”

Ok so, Are Alexis and Hunter still together?

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Does Alexis and Hunter Regret Leaving the Show?

The couple’s co-stars and other viewers were shocked when Hunter proposed Alexis on the show. But in an interview Hunter said that he had no second thoughts about how it is going to be and he said that –

“I don’t regret proposing at all. I mean, that was something that, prior to making the decision, I needed to answer, right? I knew in order for me to propose to Alexis, I had to have zero doubt in my mind,”

He continued – “And when I reached that decision, I still feel that way today. So since leaving the experience, I have honestly never looked back and thought, ‘Oh, that, that would’ve been fun.’ ”

Alexis for her part said that –

“For us, it was perfect,” Alexis explains. “I think we’re stronger going through it and seeing the other side.” She adds, “I regret zero other than probably wearing my hair up during your engagement” (which TBH, I get).

As for how they have changed since being on the Ultimatum, Hunter said that –

“I learned definitely how to open myself up more to people in social interactions, be more myself, be more expressive. I learned a lot more about Alexis and some of the other attributes that I really appreciate.”

Alexis said that –

“The biggest thing just watching everything back was, I think during our relationship, I was very focused on finances,” “That’s a big decision in a marriage,” but she realizes now that it’s not the only decision. So there is no question now guys like Are Alexis and Hunter Still Together?

What is the Ultimatum show?

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is a Netflix’s new reality dating show. In this show, couple go on a reality show and are told to make a choice either get married or part ways. Check out the trailer of The Ultimatum show so that you will get an idea about this reality show. Enjoy the trailer in given below video –

It is the show where one person is confused to take next step in the relationship while other is ready to full commitment.

In this show people need to went on through trial marriages with other people.

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