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Aquaman 2: Plot | Trailer | Twists

James Wan and Jason Momoa once join forces to transport you back to the mysterious and ever so beautiful underwater world of Atlantis. DC’s one of the most anticipated and ambitious movies – Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. Wan has already won our hearts with Aquaman part 1 and we simply can’t wait to see new surprises in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Aquaman 2 will be a must watch!

For this new project, James Wan has got something else in his mind entirely. In a recent interview, he said that a lot of people liked Aquaman so much because they did not know much about the original comic book story. Keeping this in mind, Wan too averted from making a dark heavy tale of a fearful underwater world. Which he intends to fully explore in the second part. 

Here we offer you an intriguing peak in the quirky Wanesque world of imagination, paired with the latest news about Aquaman 2.  

Plot of Aquaman 2

First let us tell you, almost nothing is revealed about the exact plotline of Aquaman 2. All we know is that the underwater world while sinking was divided into seven parts — Atlantis, The Fishermen, Brine, Trench, Xebel, Deserters and the mysterious seventh one being The Lost Kingdom. 

The movie will probably revolve around the unknown Lost Kingdom. 


James Wan has clearly said that the 1965 cult classic Planet of the vampires directed by Mario Brava has been his primary source of ideas and inspiration. 

Contextually speaking

a glimpse from Aquaman 2
Featuring a still from Aquaman 2!

Planet of Vampires is a Horror Sci-fi by Bava that inspired many films by its unique storyline and eerie visual design. Ridley Scott’s Alien and Prometheus both seem both seem to be heavily affected by Bava’s film. 

Let us tell you a little bit about the Cult classic which has inspired James Wan. 

Planet of the Vampires is about two exploratory spaceships from the earth that crash-landed on a forbidden planet. Slowly, the dead crews are overtaken by the malevolent bodiless beings of this new planet and a bloodbath is all around. 

Back to James Wan 

In the first part, we have basically seen Aquaman be a lighthearted story of heroism and romance. We are definitely curious to see how the absolutely different level of the sequel fits in the picture. 

James Wan’s filmography shines bright for his horror movies. Yes, he is the brains behind a large number of modern-day horror movies. From Annabelle to Conjuring series, the Insidious series and many more. He even directed the first Saw movie in 2004, which has practically established the sub-genre of torture porn.

Wan’s talent for making horror movies is beyond question. At the same time how he brings the two genres two together and weaves it seamlessly is something we are very curious to see. 

What else can we expect 

the protagonist from Aquaman 2
Featuring Aquaman, the main lead actor!

Chances are strong that we will offered a complete trace ack to the Atlantean history. How exactly the Atlantean empire fell into the ruins and the stories the seven kingdoms and how they stood once all unified. The glory of past will be once again looked up as a guide to the present.

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The screenplay in Aquaman 2

Did you know that Jason Momoa himself actually pitched his own ideas of a second movie when he was still working in the first one? Back then James Wan did not rush into even thinking about a second movie. At the present though,  Momoa co-wrote the screenplay of the movie along with James Wan. The main script is written by David Leslie Johnson -McGoldrick.

Mera is back 

For starters, there are going to be a lot of powerful action sequences. As a matter of fact, Amber Heard recently  posted a video of her practising with her trainer with a giant rod. A successful practice session ended with her doing a funny victory dance.  

This also seals the fact that Amber Heard will be reprising her role as Mera. There has been constant and pure fan pressure on the producers to axe off Amber’s role from the movie. In fact, the the the Twitter campaign was strongly run, with the title of #justiceforjohnnydepp. The producers said this was something that did not they would like to dignify with a reaction. They believed it was all for the movie and they wanted the whole team back. 

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Black manta will be back 

Yahya Abdul Matern iii will despise his role as the major antagonist Black Manta. He will share more screen time and with Momoa and that means a lot of action scenes for the action freaks like us. The actor has also said that the second movie is going to be an unexpected one and it is an improvement from the first one. 

The actor was seen training hard to stay in shape for his next project. 

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Patrick Wilsón: the Ocean master

In the previous movie, we saw an Orm, played by Patric Wilson, overwhelmed by power and hatred who wanted to erase his half brother from existence and declare himself the master of the sea. 

In the second part, again he will have the chance to exact revenge on whom he considers to be his Archenemy- Aquaman. 

The cast of Aquaman 2

the cast of Aquaman 2
Featuring the star cast of Aquaman 2!

The cast of the movie includes 

  • Jason Momoa as Aquaman/Arthur 
  • Amber Heard as Mera 
  • Yeah Abdul Mateen is the third as Black Manta 
  • Patrick Wilson as Orm 
  • Dolph Lundgren – King Nereus
  • Randall Park – Dr Stephen Shin
  • Temuera Morrison – Tom Curry

Release date of Aquaman 2

The movie is set to release on 16 December 2021

Aquaman 2 Available on  

As of now, we do not know if the movie will stream online. It is expected to release on big screens only.


Aquaman part one exceeded our expectations and turned out to be a great watch. Worldwide, the movie has earned 1.1 billion dollars. The financial outcome of the movie is one of the strong incentives that have furthered the idea of a second movie. 

The smash-hit James Wan movie is one of the best in the DC Extended Universe / DCEU. We expect another awesome experience from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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