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April Fools Pranks for Boyfriend: 15 Funny Ones.

April 1 is maybe the most amusing day of the year. Especially if you’re pulling these practical april fools pranks for boyfriend.

It’s April Fools’ Day, the day you’ve been looking forward to all year. Don’t pass on your annual opportunity to perform a harmless April Fools’ Day joke on the most important man in your life. Since today is April Fools’ Day. Now is the ideal time to carry out a hilarious April Fools’ prank. Use these april fools pranks for boyfriend as ideas for your big day. Don’t forget that turnabout is fair play, so keep your guard up all day! You might even be able to use some of them as SMS pranks.

Abstract Art

Suppose your boyfriend is observant and perhaps a bit preoccupied with having everything in its proper position. It’s time to rearrange his universe with this april fools pranks for boyfriend. When he is not there, remove each hanging artwork from its nail and replace it with one from another room. Each painting is hanging in a new location by the end of this game. When he notices, he pretends as though he’s wrong and that they’ve always been like this. This might be one of the 19 greatest april fools pranks for boyfriend. Especially if they’ve lived in their house for decades.

Horror of a Shopaholic

Is your lover surprised by how many goods you shop online? Take it a step further by saving 20 or more empty boxes from recent deliveries. Then tear them down and put the stack of flat boxes somewhere he won’t notice. On April 1, wake up early and tape all the empty boxes together. Further, cover your front door and walkway with these “new deliveries.” Then watch his face flush as he mentally estimates. How much money you must have spent on who knows what.

What Exactly Is Caramel-covered?

It’s okay to try this april fools pranks for boyfriend if he’s a good sport. Peel off the skin of a big onion and coat it with ooey-gooey caramel sauce. After that, roll it with his favorite chocolate candy. Put this enticing-looking mixture on a platter and give him the first bite. But don’t let him cut it into wedges. Look surprised when he realizes it’s not an apple.

Takeover of Technology

If your partner relies on electronics to switch on the lights, this one’s for you. Just change the temperature, and pump up the volume on his music. Every time he gives Alexa a voice command uses the app on your phone to overrule it. So, if he says, Alexa, turn on the lights. Use the app to turn them off immediately. He’ll believe she’s broken and waste a lot of time troubleshooting.

Getting Up Early

If you don’t mind waking up at a stupidly early hour, this is a wonderful one. Because you’ll need to play along in order to effectively sell this April Fools’ prank to partners. First, set all of the clocks in the home, including the alarm clocks, a few hours forward. When your alarm goes off at an unusually early hour. Get up and begin your typical wake-up ritual. Yes, take a shower, get dressed, and make some coffee. Your partner will most likely do the same. It won’t occur to him how early it is until he hears the radio or observes how dark it is outside. This may also be one of those amazing April Fools’ jokes to play on your kids.

A Spider in the Toilet

Print out a large, realistic-looking spider (or other creature he is terrified of). Then, carefully cut it out so that no white paper remains visible—cut closely around each leg. Next, tape it to the wall above the toilet and wait for the screams. You will get bonus points if you time this discovery to coincide with a late-night bathroom excursion.

Unpleasant Ringtone

Change his ringtone to an embarrassing tune, such as “Milkshake” by Kelis or “Baby Shark.” Set the volume to “max,” then dispatch him on an assignment. Call him once he’s out in public. He probably won’t even realize it’s his phone that’s producing all that noise. This will make it humiliating as others continue to stare at him. Oh, and if you were duped. Check out these April 20 Fools’ Day jokes to help you chuckle after being duped.

Sign That Says “Sold”

You must be living together in a residence that you jointly own for this prank to succeed. Find a real estate agent acquaintance and borrow one of his or her signs. Put it in your front yard and place a “Sold” sign beneath it. This is one of those april fools pranks for boyfriend for lovers that you may go as far as you want.

Fake News That Is Amusing

Go to and make an outrageously bogus “Breaking News” article that will pique your boyfriend’s interest. It may be that his favorite sports team lost an important game 100-0, or the actress he has a crush on will be filming a movie in your town). The creative possibilities are limitless—you may add a headline, ticker content, and a picture.

Strange Weird Nightmare

Create shortcuts to random files on your boyfriend’s PC desktop. Then, copy and paste them until at least ten copies of each icon are stacked on top of one another. Take a snapshot of the desktop (including all icons) and use it as the desktop background image. When he initially discovers it, he’ll be irritated by all the icons and begin erasing them. Further, it’ll appear to work for a time. He’ll eventually be unable to pick the icons. Since they are in the background image. It will be “trapped” with a cluttered desktop until you expose your secret.

Looping Autocorrection

Change the settings on his phone to autocorrect popular words (such as “the,” “and,” and “love”) to goofy or vulgar ones. For an added layer of annoyance, attempt to predict the phrases he’ll type when he realizes something is wrong (“why,” “help,” “wtf,” and “no”). We also enjoy these April Fools’ Day SMS pranks.

Llamas For Free

Post a Craigslist post giving free llamas. All they have to do is text the number you provide. Did we mention it’s also your boyfriend’s phone number? Enjoy seeing him perplexed as to why everyone is contacting him about his non-existent llamas. Alternatively, skip the llamas and publish an ad about a fake contest to determine who can make the greatest Chewbacca impersonation and wait for the phone calls to flow in. Make sure to remove the ad by April 2.

False Cake

Prepare two large circular meatloaves. Place one meatloaf in a pie pan, cover with mashed potato “icing,” and top with the second meatloaf. Spread whipped mashed potato “icing” over the entire “cake.” Finally, use ketchup to construct a heart or other embellishment. What a delectable dessert!

Donut Debacle

Place a large box of his favorite donuts on the kitchen counter. But only after you’ve squirted an unpleasant material inside each jelly- or cream-filled cake. For example, if sour cream or mayo bother him, wasabi or sriracha if he doesn’t like heat. It may be sour cream or mayo. Yes, wasting a perfectly nice doughnut is unpleasant. But not when it’s for a good cause. After that, give him a genuine, tasty doughnut.

The Chef’s Kiss

Make your boyfriend a completely terrible supper. Load up his favorite chicken dish with salt or another spice. But act as though you’re proud of the meal. See how much of the dish he can eat before telling you that it’s disgusting.

Wrapping Up

Try out some of these april fools pranks for boyfriend now that you know what pranks to do on your partner.

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