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Apple’s Powerbeats 4 On Sale


David Mudd

Apple acquired Beats Electronics in 2014. You can guess who makes your Airpods now. Offering superior quality, their headphones are certainly very desirable and expensive. One such series is Powerbeats.

Apple is a huge company. I don’t have to specify why it’s huge. With products like iPhone, iPad, and iPod, you expect great products every year. It would be logical if they made a move for a recognized company.



Powerbeats 4

Powerbeats is a series of earbuds that made its debut in 2016. After 2 other versions of the same, Powerbeats 4 has made its debut this week.

After a number of leaks, including images from Walmart shelves, before the release, it has finally been announced. Costing $149, these earbuds are sweat and water-resistant.

They offer a 15-hour battery life which is definitely an upgrade. Also, they contain Apple’s H1 chip which helps with easy and quick pairing as well as hands-free “Hey-Siri” command option.

Offering superior sound quality, these earbuds are similar to the previous earbuds, the Powerbeats Pro. And everyone knows how good Beats is. If you’re a person who’s afraid of losing Airpods and a person who’s looking for a cheaper version of Powerbeats Pro($250), this one’s for you.

They are available in red, white and black colors. They certainly look amazing to me. Also, they are said to contain a USB-A to Lightning cable and a pouch in which you can carry them.


Powerbeats 4 is available starting 18 March from Apple. Just a couple of days’ wait isn’t going to matter, right?

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These earbuds are for all of us who’re not into Airpods or are afraid of losing them. These earbuds are for those of us who prefer cheaper alternatives. These points do not bring the quality down, however. They are amazing and you know, made by Beats. They’re definitely worth the wait and money!