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Apple: Your iPhone Will Soon Be Able To Inform 911 Of Your Medical Conditions And Allergies


David Mudd

Apple iPhone and Apple Watch will soon report any medical allergies and conditions you have to 911. Moreover, it will only do so if you allow it to. Read ahead to find out more about this new feature.

Apple’s Work In Health Infrastructure

Apple has been active lately in improving healthcare through technology. Moreover, the company entered into a partnership with the World Health Organisation. As a result, Apple Maps now show live coronavirus screening facilities closest to the user.

Now the company is developing tech that will report any medical allergies or conditions the user is suffering from to 911 officials and first responders. Moreover, the information will be shared only if the user allows the feature to do so.

iPhone And Apple Watch Feature


When the user will dial 911 with this feature enabled, Apple will send your location to the local 911 correspondents closest to you. Furthermore, the feature will share your Medical information and data with the correspondents.

As a result, they will know what you are suffering from just in case you pass out or have difficulty in communicating when the officers arrive at your location. This feature was in development for the past few years and Apple has finally launched it now.

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Pros Of This Feature

This feature will play a crucial role in immediate healthcare support. Furthermore, it will inform the 911 officers about the reality of the situation so that they can take measures accordingly.

Also, it will ensure your well being as the officers will already be aware of your condition and therefore treat you accordingly in case of distress and emergency. Moreover, it gives comfort especially to those people who stay alone in flats and bungalows.


This feature will ensure quick help whenever they are alone with no instant human help available at the moment.