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Apple: You Can Get Into The Free Repair Program If You Own These Ipad Models


David Mudd


Ipad is one of the most highly products by apple inc. it’s a tablet computer and runs on iOS and iPadOS operating systems for mobiles. It is a touch screen device intermediate in size between a laptop computer and a smartphone.


Ipad were operated in the same set of finger gesture that was used on apple’s iPhone. The touch screen is capable of displaying high definition video. It runs also such small applications such as iTunes, e-book and iBooks. It has some brilliant and unique functions run by the apple company.


On Friday, 6th march apple launched a repair service program for specific iPad model that covers current generation iPad air. These iPad air models manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019.


A repair service program for the third-generation iPad air models suffering from so-called “ blank screen issue’’. It has seen in some cases that the screen leave’s the tablet display permanently disabled. In some circumstances, the screen may undergo brief flicker and flash before the screen goes blank.

Here apple fails to provide the additional details on the issue and also on the repair program but they specify that only a limited number of iPad will be repaired.


Apple in its repair program may limit or restrict the repair to the original country or region of their purchase. This apple repair program doesn’t extend the standard and original warranty coverage of the iPad which is of the third generation.

This program covers the affected iPad air which is of third-generation devices for 2 years after the first retail.


The user must find a nearby apple authorized service provider to have your iPad sir service and to take part in that program. Your iPad will be examined properly to any service before initiating the process.

Also if you have any doubt, you can freely contact apple support. It will great for the user if they back up their iPad to iCloud before service.


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