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Apple Watch: Original Developer Shares Facts About Its Development


David Mudd

Are you fond of Apple Watch? Want to know more about them? Read ahead as the Apple Watch key engineers share some facts regarding the development of Apple Watches.

5th Anniversary Of Apple Watches

Apple’s Apple Watches segment is celebrating its 5th successful year since its first release in 2015. Furthermore, the company has seen a massive demand of Apple Watches. It revolutionized the concept of smartwatches.

Also, it led other companies like Samsung to make smartwatches as well. This would give them some competitive edge in the market too. On Apple’s fifth anniversary, the Apple Watches head engineer Imran Chaudhri decided to share some amazing and unique facts revolving around the development of the Apple Watches.

Apple Watch

Fact 1

The first interesting fact is the reproduction of the Bubble Interface. It was the original concept of the Apple Watch. Furthermore, Imran showed how the center icon for the clock lived. It was called the Dock.

The idea of a digital crown gave Apple Watches a home screen sense of dimensionality. It took the company less than six months to come up with the design. Moreover, it was approved by the board of directors in the first go itself.

Fact 2

Apple previewed the ForceTouch feature back in 2015. Furthermore, the company decided to adopt the feature. It was redesigned for Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Moreover, the feature was welcomed with great comments from the users of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

When Apple Watch was in its development stage, the engineers called the ForceTouch Electronic Technology as ET. It was so because it was designed to create an emotional connection with its users.

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Fact 3

Apple Watch

The ‘Ink’ that we saw on Apple Watches was a method of sending messages to people. Moreover, the idea was inspired by Imran’s days of practicing graffiti. Also, the purpose was to communicate transmission while making it guilt-free.

These are some of the facts that moved around in the air at the Apple HQ when the Apple Watch was being prepared.