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Apple Watch May Not Come With A MicroLED Display This Year


David Mudd

It was reported earlier that the next entry in the Apple Watch series is expected to come with a MicroLED. But according to some new leaks, they might not include a MicroLED. Instead, the new model will also come with an OLED screen like the previous models. After all, this is because of that the company is not yet ready to roll out the in-house display technology in consumer products.

However, the new MicroLED displays are being designed and tested in a secret facility as reports in Santa Clara. Apple claims that the use of MicroLED displays can make the device thinner, brighter, and less power consuming.

When The New Technology Expected To See In Consumer Products?


The MicroLED technology is not expected to see in the iPhone products for another year. Although, if it happens in the watch, we may see the same in the iPhones comes after that. Because Apple always release a new model display in their smartwatches. It is the same thing that happened when the OLED display came out with the first Apple Watch.

After all, the reports until now said that the Apple Watch 6 will come with a MicroLED display. And Apple was testing the technology since 2017. News reports say that the new Apple Watch also will come with an old display from JDI.

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