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Apple : The Company To Donate 10M Face Masks To Health Care Workers


David Mudd

Also, it should be ensured that all their needs are taken care of. Only then can we expect them to work tirelessly for us. Apple is taking a great initiative to promote this. It has surpassed the initiative of the government as well.

Coronavirus has hit more than 90 nations as of now. It has taken down many people with it. So, people should take care of the essentials. Some have been hoarding on the basic supplies. Markets have been robbed of basic toiletries.

So making sure that everyone has them is necessary. Also, the medical staff has been on a roll. They are required to be kept in the best possible environment. So, good care should be taken of them.



Apple’s Initiative

Apple is going to distribute 10 million face masks. It will donate them to the medical community. They had initially reported to donate about 2 million. However, Tim Cook took to Twitter.

He announced that Apple has procured and will donate about 10 million masks. This is even more than what White House has announced to donate. The Vice President has announced to donate 9 million masks.

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Why Do This Apple ?

This is done to thank the medical community. Tim Cook said that we should express our gratitude towards them. This is because they have been working tirelessly on this end. They are trying to get things done and get patients treated.

So, they deserve proper care. In the course of examining other patients, they should not be at any risk. They have been working on front lines to ensure that we are safe.


So, taking good care of them is the least that we can do.

The Effort Of The Medical Personnel 

The medical personnel has worked relentlessly since the outbreak began. They have left their families. This is done to take care of COVID-19 which is taking the US by a storm.

Other companies have also tried to give their best to appreciate them. Companies like Ford have changed their production to create more masks.

This is very crucial. So, all such efforts should be welcomed and applauded. The medical personnel is very crucial in this fight. Its role must be appreciated.