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Apple: Stores To Reopen In 4 States Next Week


David Mudd

With the arrival of coronavirus the entire world shuts its business, industries, and everyone is resting at homes. This is something we have never assumed until now, but this is happening because of no medicine with this disease.

In this lockdown Apple is again reopening its one if store in US in weeks. This makes availability of the Apple products to few of the US states.

Well, where and which stores are opening will be seen I’m this article so keep reading.

Apple Reopening The Stores In USA

After the two months later the Apple stores are again coming into action. This pandemic made a lot of loss to many companies and now Apple is ready to make availability to users now.


The Stores will open in the following  four states: Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska, according to CNBC.

But how many stores will resume its works again? For this there is a clear answer that not more than some six stores. Yea it usually follows health guidelines sand in this pandemic there is more careful needed for the buyers and employers too.

But why suddenly it thought to reopen it’s stores? Well mostly in this pandemic people are stick with the broken and broke down mobiles. This makes no use in this pandemic and this there is no proper communication between the peer to peer.

So keeping this in mind apple opens its stores for the sake of reparing the mobiles and giving their services to the break down mobiles.


It is likely has a backlog of recently fixed iPhones, iPads and MacBooks waiting to return to people at its Genius Bar. So this is absolutely a lovely news who ever living in those cites and who ever worried with their damages mobiles.

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